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May 14, 2009 08:08 PM

Exotic Fruits

Hey All!! I am getting bored with apples, bananas, cantalope, strawberries, blackberies, Etc... that the chain stores seem to carry by the ton, yet I find myself yearning for more exotic fare. I am wondering if there is a market around RI/Southeastern MA that may have PawPaws, Passion Fruits, Prickely Pears, Lyechees, huckelberries, and other harder to find fruits of the Gods?! Can anyone out there in chowhound-ville help me out?? Thanx!

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  1. Sid Wainer and Son in New Bedford is your answer. If you never been, you've got to try it once. Great selection of hard to find produce, nice oils and vinegars, dried pastas, seasonings, cheeses, pastes, olives and the like. They have two deluxe open kitchens where they do demos for visiting chefs and generally have many samples to taste set out for everyone.