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May 14, 2009 08:03 PM

Favorite small, clear glass containers for the fridge?

Crate & Barrel has a set I'm thinking about. I'd love to find a set that had cup size and also several smaller glass containers, easy to get into, not too fussy. I am apt to have small bits of things at any given time, between food prep and leftovers.

I'm almost thinking small bowls with little flat sit-on glass lids are the kind of thing I wouldn't mind. I use small Ball jars for spices, but for the fridge I'd like bowls of some sort or even little square glass containers. Decided against plastic for my uses.

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  1. Costco is currently selling glass snapware..
    It is 100% air tight and leak proof. They come with a few small ones just to store half a can of broth etc. I feel it is better than rubbermaid/tupperware type.

    This was a big improvement from using bowls and sandwich wrap on top. Heats up good in the microwave also (except the lid is not supposed to go in the MW I think)

      1. As far as I'm concerned, the most important part is the lid. Most plastic lids retain smells, and that leaves me with a pile of lids that all smell of garlic. For that reason, I prefer canning jars and lids like these:

        The lids do not hold smells, and they can be sterilized with boiling water (after storing sourdough starter, or if something goes mouldy in the fridge.) The lids screw on, so there's no leaking if a jar should overturn. There are wide-mouth lids for the usual pint, quart, and gallon jars, and narrow-mouth for all those sizes plus some cute 4 oz jars.

        1. I like the squarish glass jars with glass lids and rubber gaskets that clamp shut. In New York I buy them locally at Zabar's. They come in a variety of sizes.

          There are also stoneware containers like this that are good for things that should be protected from light. I have one that I use for my sourdough starter.

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            Sigh. Zabar's. I can smell the butter, from the opposite coast.

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              Ha! That reminds me of Tegel airport in Berlin, which has a very large, elegant cafe with good German pastries in the middle right near the large board that displays arrivals and departures. You can smell the butter as soon as you enter the terminal. It harks back to another age of travel where you can imagine yourself waiting to board a steamship for a transatlantic journey. Travel would be so much less stressful, if all airports could have a cafe like this.

          2. I ran across some glass containers that I might go ahead and buy next trip to the Korean supermarket or dishwares store. If anyone else is on a jag trying to find simple glass containers for the fridge with simple, very simple, minimalist lids, maybe head to whatever Asian grocer/cookware store you're near.

            The ones I saw came in various sizes including some that could be a cup or a little less, in circular or square/rectagular options. These were made in Japan and it seemed like a very light, thin glass. The lids were plastic but fit on easily with just a little tiny tab to one corner, no gigantic viselike things to put on.