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Breakfast Pastries between Eastchester & White Plains

I'm going to a meeting at the Ritz Carlton and want to pick up the best breakfast pastries I can find between here and there. Something worth the calories. Taste, taste, taste is what matters. Croissants, pain au chocolate, etc. Off the top of my head I am wondering about Lulu's and La Renaissance in Scarsdale. Or Balducci's? I've never tried either. Suggestions are most welcome. Whole Foods? thanks

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    1. re: craigcep

      cannot find info on this place. Do you have specific recommendations or comments?

      1. re: lollypop

        I would call WPBS-I have never found anything wrong with whatever I have either bought from them or had from them.
        Only problem I have is that what ever I am eating from them, it is too damm good.
        I could not tell off the top of my head just what they have interms of breakfast type stuff.
        Just call and ask them. After all, they are, more or less, just down the road from RC.
        PH and address:

    2. I haven't lived in the area for awhile, but Chester Heights Pastry was always excellent.



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      1. re: DebitNM

        not seeing any sign of croissants on their website. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I know people who order cakes from them all the time & swear by them.

        1. re: lollypop

          Would Stew Leonards in Yonkers work for you? They have excellent croissants, rougglelach, coffee cake etc.



      2. Definitely Lulu's! Their muffins (if they have lemon ginger do it!) and chcolate croissants are delish!

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          ...as are their scones, their regular croissants, and what they call their "cheese danish" (actually kind of a cheese croissant).

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            Yes, I think Lulu's breakfast pastries are fantastic. That would be a great choice.

          2. There are a couple of amazing bakeries in and around WP. My fav: Patisserie Salzburg in Rye. Amazing croissants, even better pain au chocolat and just about anything else you could possibly want for "breakfast" pastries.

            Renaissance in Scarsdale also good. Balduccis: only unless you absolutely HAVE to, their prices are insane and quality can be so-so. I don't go the Whole Foods on principle (way too much $$$ for what they offer).

            Here's a off-the-wall suggestion: try Parisienne. They have 2 locations I know about, 1 on Central Ave just North of Hartsdale Ave intersection (next to Sakanaya Sushi) and the other is on 22 in Scarsdale near the Eastchester Fish Market & Mona Lisa deli. They are a Japanese bakery but their pastries are amazing. Cheap and good.

            Still...I feel you can't beat Salzburg.

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              Patisserie Salzburg gets my vote as well. They basically bake butter, holding it together with whatever flour, sugar and eggs are needed.

              1. re: BlueSoup

                This is correct. You can get diabetes just looking at the displays

                1. re: BlueSoup

                  YUM!!! It sounds worth a trip to Rye!

              2. Which ever place you do buy from, you should call in advance and place order rather than just dropping in.
                You did not make clear just how many people are involved in meeting but bear in mind that many places may make only a certain amount of product for a given time.
                So what you want may be gone when you get there or you will wipe out the supply for the next person. And that may cause the place to place a limit on your walk in order.

                1. I love the place in Rye, too, but what about asking the concierge at the Rit z to take care of it for you

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                  1. re: debmom

                    Good idea, but he will probably provide standard hotel pastries - not so great, and probably overpriced too.

                    1. re: wincountrygirl

                      WCG-Most likely but still worth an "ask".
                      Just as asking a bakery to make something that you do not see on a web site or see in person (Or for that matter a second partys recall). In my experience, if there is some number to it (and again we do not know the size of this meeting), they may make any thing.
                      Years ago, a co-worker was having a party and told me that they were looking for some freshly make rolls for it . I suggest a few bread places in the area. Next day I just happened to bring it up at my favorate bagel bakery (was buying for office-and they loved what was made there) and the owner asked how many and when. Told him and he gave me a price.
                      Co-worker ended up placing the order and I picked it up the day before party. And they worked out great.

                      1. re: Jon1856

                        Thanks, everyone, for your help. My meeting is small -- just five of us. I'm leaning toward Lulus. While I'm up there I will check out WPBS and will of course report back on all of my breakfast pastry findings. thanks again & I'll keep watching here if anyone has any more suggestions

                          1. re: roxlet

                            Exactly.... but don't forget they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays!

                          2. re: lollypop

                            If you go to Lulu you should call them first thing at 8 o'clock in the morning and tell them to put aside pastries for you since they never really have them when I get there after 11-- you MUST try the chocolate raspberry scone. Outrageous!

                            1. re: RawTunaFan

                              I second the Chocolate raspberry scone -- it is awesome. I also like the cheese danish, but its not really a danish its something else like a cheese thing made with croissant dough. Even the scones dont really taste like scones -- i thought they were not supposed to be moist, but whatever they do at Lulu is good, who cares if technically, its not a scone. Or maybe the scones im used to are usually dry because they are from starbucks LOL!