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May 14, 2009 06:40 PM

Recipe TV?

Anyone know anything about this? It's a new channel showing up on my HD channels, you have to subscribe to it. I've not read anything about it. This is the only link I found online..

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  1. The security software I use at least claims that's an unsafe site, for what it's worth.

    1. I was flipping through the tv at my inlaws and found this channel. I never saw it before so i assumed it real new. Going through the guide, everyshow on it is called recipe tv. I tried to search online for any information about it but i only came upon that site you have and your post. I dont know much more about it.

      1. Recipe TV is one of about six shows that Byron Allen's outfit is producing to run exclusively on digital channels; from what I can tell the Verizon FiOs network is the only provider to pick them up so far. I would presume you would have to subscribe to the Verizon digital service to get it. You can watch segments at the address FoodChic listed above; the site is safe but the show is average and low-budget IMO.

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        1. re: Samalicious

          I have FIOS but hadn't realized it was particularly "high def." It's been carried in the wee small hours on my local NBC affiliate, so I had no way of knowing it's a FIOS exclusive.

          It's a unique show from the aspect that it is shot in the actual restaurant kitchens where the presenting chef works. None of them look like FN sets! In some aspects, it's sort of similar to the old "Great Chefs of..." series, but without the charming narrator to clarify techniques. If you don't know much about advanced cooking, you'll have a rough time trying to get much of a grasp on it here! One of the aspects I particularly enjoy is that it gives viewers a look into the real world of "back of the house" restaurants. Not much glamor there, but some have a little more than others. I did see one show where the chef was cooking in a sautier that was so beat up I wouldn't serve dog food from it. But hey, isn't that what reality TV is all about?

          They present three "recipes" per show, each from a different chef at a different restaurant or hotel. They do have a website, but sorry, I don't have it. It's jumbled in with a whole bunch of Byron Allen's other shows. It used to be much better than it was the last time I checked the website out. Some recipes are really interesting. All recipes are chef generated or adapted by the chefs from classics. Recipes are very much like chefs. Some are memorable, others are not.

          Overall, the show is a great antidote to Iron Chef, or even Top Chef. Real chefs in real kitchens.

          1. re: Caroline1

            Interesting. Thanks for the information, Caroline. I was hoping it was something similar...maybe like the early days of FN. I just may call FIOS to see if they'll give me a trial period for the HD to check it out.

            1. re: FoodChic

              Well, I don't know if the FIOS only info is fully accurate. Then, there has been a recent agreement between Byron Allen's company and Face Book ( think it's Face Book) to make Byron Allen's company a primary supplier of videos, possibly (probably) including Recipe TV.

              Anyway, the bottom line of FIOS is that I doubt very much they offer a "trial.' FIOS is a whole separate system from Verizon's standard cable system. It's exclusively a fiber optics network right up to the time the fiber optics go inside your home or apartment or whatever, at which time the signal is converted to a standard feed that plugs into your TV or set top box or whatever. When they installed mine, they did a trench from the street, under the sidewalk, down the side of my house, under my driveway, then down the side of the garage where they brought the fiber optic lines inside and into their converter box. My telephone, television and internet connections are now all fiber optics, and I love it. The installation cost Verizon a lot of bucks, but it was free to me for signing up. Verizon is spending a whooooole lot of money on FIOS, but currently it is only available in some areas. They're working on going national, but I suspect the economic downturn is slowing things.

              You may also be able to access recipe TV at:
              But no guarantee. I can't access it, but it may be a problem with my internet security settings.

              Edit: I haven't watched Recipe TV in a while (wee small hours of the morning), but last I watched, it was available on both HD and non-HD channels.

                1. re: FoodChic

                  Interesting! Sounds like Verizon has been trenching your streets laying fiber optics for a while now. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I've had mine for...? Over two years now, maybe close to three. I was told I was the first one in Plano to have it connected. I can't imagine having to go back to cable.

                  1. re: Caroline1

                    Well Keller has experienced so much new growth over the last few years that Verizon mad a deal with the city...I call the city when my cable or internet is down. Love it. Things get fixed in a jiffy.

                    Now if Keller would only get some great restaurants...

                    BTW, I've loved reading your posts for sometime. I never realized you were in Plano.

                    1. re: FoodChic

                      I just googled "Keller, TX." I had no idea Keller is in the metroplex! Guess you guys are among the lucky ones. I never see you mentioned in the tornado warnings. Keep it that way! '-)

                2. re: Caroline1

                  I haven't found it on non HD. My beef with FIOS is I have 2 HD DVRs + 3 regular boxes, premium channels and the complete movie package all which include HD channels and can't get the Travel Network or other standard type networks in HD unless I purchase their additional HD package. They charge a bundle for those HD DVRs, you think could could watch the Travel station in HD.

                  1. re: scubadoo97


                    We have the same complaint about thier HD channels, and their premium channels are twice of what we paid at other services. But I have to admit, we've had far less service issues than we had with other cable providors or our satellite tv.

                    I just can't justify the additional expense for Recipe TV if the shows are subpar...although I'd gladly swap it out for FoodNetwork. :-)

                    1. re: FoodChic

                      my contract was ending so in reviewing the new offerings I was able to get full access to HD stations and my movie package decreased in cost so it was a wash money wise

          2. I just went there via your link and found a Las Vegas chef destroying Pasta Carbonara by adding (ugh) Ricotta cheese! The other videos didn't seem very interesting. Plus, I see it's not already included in my Verizon FIOS Extreme HD subscription. I don't think I'll be missing much.

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            1. I have the channel. Basically each thirty minute segment has three chefs doing one recipe. Just them by themselves in the kitchen. Typically they do a recipe from their restaurant. Doesn't focus on techniques or anything, basically they walk you through the prep and plating of the dish.

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              1. re: roro1831

                This channel is very disappointing. If you watch it for a couple of days you will have seen all of their programming. There are probably about ten chefs and all of their restaurants are in California and Hawaii. More than half of the recipes involve seared tuna. Boo!!!

                1. re: sgny

                  Well, I just started watching it so haven't seen the full run of programming. What I do like about it is you see restaurant quality dishes and presentation in a couple of minutes. No telling you how to cut an onion (refreshing). I don't need a lot of information. Just show me quickly what you've done and I can either copy or build from it. I wish more cooking shows were like this. This is not geared for the novice cook although a lot of the dishes are rather simple. The difficult part is the sauces and reductions that are used.

                  I agree that the restaurants list is small. I hope they add more along with more chefs and dishes. I would hate to think that a round the clock network 24/7 can be exhausted it's programming in 3 days. That is disappointing.

                  1. re: scubadoo97

                    I see it weekday mornings at is aired over the air. I live way out in the country in north central Indiana and only have an antenna on a tower. I believe it is aired on a station coming from Chicago area. Comes in clear and strong. I usually watch it while having my morning coffee.

                    My main negative report is that the music and the chef's audio are not mixed well and at times the music seems to over-ride the chef's voice. They need to correct the audio mixing a bit.

                    The 'kitchen' seems to always be the same which leads me to believe that they carry around this set or use a trailer that they haul from one town to the next and the chef's step inside and create their presentations.

                    It is not a bad show...but other cooking shows have set a standard of high energy and audience feedback and participation...the shows i watch on recipetv have none of that....however, they do go right for the recipe and the presentaion. No idle chit chat wasting time.

                    they still have a long way to go but it is nice having a 'cooking show' on another channel for me to watch.

                    GONZO !!!

                    1. re: GONZO46923

                      At that time in the morning here they are broadcasting infomercials. My biggest complaint is the high volume of commercials between recipe clips. I still like it because for me this is all I need from a cooking show. I don't need for them to show me how to slice an onion each time. Just show me an abbreviated break down of the recipe, some basic steps and the finished product. I can take it from there.

                      1. re: scubadoo97

                        There are infomercials? I haven't seen them..not in that format is just a bunch of 5 minute segments form different chefs...the commercials between are standard commercials form the local network. Perhaps they air different programming indifferent geographic locations or diff networks...? Again, I am getting mine clear tv...only on antenna. Perhaps cable has diff programming? Interesting.

                        GONZO !!!