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May 14, 2009 06:34 PM

Iron Forge Inn

I host a dinner with three to five close friends each year on my birthday (August) and like to select a destination restaurant where we can get good food--doesn't have to be high end gourmet--and spend the evening talking, laughing and enjoying the food without being rushed.

From all the posts I've read and their web site, the Iron Forge Inn seems like a candidate. I do not want to spend more than $100 per person ALL INCLUSIVE, meaning food, drinks (we're not big drinkers, but 2 glasses of wine and one after dinner drink is not uncommon) tax and tip.

The Iron Forge website does not offer prices. Can anyone who has been there offer any insight ???

Also, they offer a private gazebo---has anyone experienced it ?

Thanks as always !!!

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  1. So glad that you posted this. The Iron Forge Inn is my most favorite favorite restaurant in the world. I love it. I adore it. I will recommend it here on Chowhound every chance I get. Since I don't live close to it, any excuse I have to make the drive up there is like the best treat in the world. One time we went there on my birthday and my husband arranged for me to meet the chef. I glommed on the poor guy like he was a rock star (I'd had a couple of drinks).

    Anyway, $80-$100 per person is about in line with what you'll pay there. Appetizers range from about $6-$12. Entrees are around $23-$28 (Although I haven't memorized the menu, I don't think any entree is more than $28, although I could be wrong). Desserts I believe are around $8-$10.

    I say that the cost hasn't gone above $100 per person for me in the past (I'd say a typical meal for my husband and me is around $120. Keep in mind my husband I don't drink much. At most he'll have two cocktails (he loves the apple martinis there) and I might have a cocktail and a glass of wine (I would only have one drink if I'm driving). It sounds like we drink a little less than you and your friends so that might bring the price up a bit.

    If that's not more than you want to spend, I strongly encourage you to give IFI a try. The food is spectacular and creative. The restaurant is beautiful, homey, and cozy. The service is great. The owners are just the nicest people. (The parents own the place. Dad bartends, Mom is the hostess, Son is the chef.)

    A couple of posts from my blog on the IFI. Forgive my crappy food photography. One of the posts lists the one service glitch we ever had.

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      Oh and the gazebo meals mean a special tasting menu that's $150 per person. A friend of mine did it and said it was worth every penny.

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        Thanks so much for the input.....sounds terrific and should be in line with my budget. While the gazebo sounds a bit outside my budget, I have two more questions: would it be comfortable on an August evening, and does the tasting menu include wine ???
        Thanks again.

    2. A huge fan of the Iron Forge Inn. Wife and I ate there after I proposed in 2007 and it was incredible. We went back this fall and it was, once again, amazing. Think you can definitely get in that price range, I remember our bill being in the 150 range all inclusive. So tasty.