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May 14, 2009 06:31 PM

Market Street Grill West Chester Open For Dinner

I am curious how many people are aware and are supporting Market Street being open for dinner now . They are currently open Wed-Sat for dinner + the full breakfast/lunch menu. No entrees over $ 15 ...we have been going once a week since they started ...Darla has not dissapointed yet...Let's go fellow West Chester Chowhounds we have a local restaurant that a lot of us love sticking it out for dinner ...oh yeah it's BYOB ......let'ssupport them

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  1. The one thing I always find off-putting in that location is the parking situation. Yes, I know there are a couple of parking garages in the area, but there's something about having to park in a garage while supporting local merchants that doesn't sit well for me.

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      I agree that parking is a pain , having lived in the borough for 20 years or so I have just gotten used to it , the lot across from Barnaby's on high usually costs us $ 1.50 to park during the time it takes to eat dinner , If you are feeling lucky the lot across from New Havens on Church which is for the bank is usually empty , they have signs up but we park there all the time at night and have never gotten a ticket or been towed ...probably just jinxed myself