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Jackie's or Redwood

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Long story short...I have to choose between Jackie's in Silver Spring and Redwood in Bethesda. After reading recent views in various media, none of which seem stellar for either restaurant, I figured I would ask the chowhounds for their opinion. I have never been to Redwood, but ate at Jackie's once well over a year ago. Let me know what you would choose. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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  1. I would highly recommend Redwood!!!!

    1. i have had several good meals at redwood

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        Not a huge fan of Redwood-found it pretentious. Food was fine- just went for lunch, though.

      2. I've been to both several times and I would pick Redwood. I don't like to be negative but I would have to say neither place is that good, but Redwood has a bigger choice and I think the food and service is a little better.