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How stinky is French raclette cheese?

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I just bought some from Trader Joe's and it smells like feet with mild overtones of vomit. There is no obvious mold on it, but there is kind of a barely noticeable brown edge to it. I didn't notice til I got home and took off the wrapper that the "Packed on" date was 5/2/2009. Is this how it's supposed to be??

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  1. It is sort of stinky and little slimy on the outside. Eat and enjoy!!! It's awesome!

    1. not that much, but depending on how it was packed (if plastic wrapped and not store properly), it can take a some time to let the "bad" odors go away.

      re-wrap it in wax-paper (and aluminun foil) and put it in the fridge.