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May 14, 2009 05:59 PM

Where to eat in the Dakotas?

We'll be driving from Southern California to visit Mt. Rushmore and environs, then Theodore Roosevelt NP in North Dakota. We'll be camping, so will mostly do our own cooking, but would enjoy a meal out if there's anything worth stopping for. In that area, I'm guessing we'd be best sticking with steak houses, but would welcome all suggestions.

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  1. If you're driving through the whole area, my recommendation would be to stop at the restaurant in Amidon, ND. It's right on US 85 in the middle of town. Rumour is the upstairs is haunted, but the food is pretty good nonetheless.

    Yes, I did say "the" restaurant. The Badlands are the sparse part of the Dakotas, so you're mostly looking at a lot of small towns with one or two cafes. The larger towns like Belle Fourche, Bowman, Medora, and Watford City will have a few more places to choose from.

    Rapid City and Dickinson have just about everything -- though they are a bit farther away.

    1. Good timing with this question as we are leaving in like 35 hours for Mandan, ND.

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        There are lots of great options in Bismarck-Mandan. See the most recent issue of Bismarck's City Magazine at Pages 20-21 highlight some great restaurants in the area.

      2. Not sure about North Dakota but here's a couple must trys in South Dakota
        The Corn Exchange in Rapid City--, local ingredients, local beef and buffalo
        The Alpine Inn in Hill City---lunch menu is a great variety of sandwiches,salads and desserts (be warned that some desserts are not homemade--you can tell from the descriptions, they're the ones that contains oreos and sound like they were written by Sysco, but the desserts that are homemade are amazing!), dinner menu is Filet of Beef, baked potato, wedge salad. Your only choices are small or large and how you want your filet cooked, and maybe your salad dressing. All for a ridiculously low price. The large was $10 when I was there a few years ago--maybe gone up a bit