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May 14, 2009 05:11 PM

First time in Hong Kong/Beijing/Macau/Xi'an/Tokyo--Excited and Overwhelmed


My partner and I are planning a 35 day excursion to asia. Our plans are as follows: Beijing & Xi'an for 7 days, Hong Kong and Macau for 6 days, Singapore, Melaka and KL for 8 days, Tokyo/Kyoto and near by for 9 days. We are both students, but big foodies. And would love to try the local foods. We have a friend showing us around Singapore and Malaysia but are on our own for the rest of the trip. It's our first time there and none of us speak any of the languages.

We would love to hear any recommendations that you have. Money is an issue but a couple of nice dinners in each place would be doable. Except Japan where I guess 350 US a head might happen--we can't afford that.

A couple of expensive meals that totaled 100-120 a person would be doable. We aren't drinkers so we will save money on that.

We would really like to try local foods, hole the walls, and just anything good. We have been looking on all the boards and have gathered a lot of information but it is quite overwhelming. Also for many people on chowhound price is not an issue. We would love for that to be the case for us, but we are unfortunately constrained.

Any help you could offer would be wonderful!

We are traveling from June 3rd-July 6th.

Also--I am posting this in the Japan board as well. Hope that is alright.

Thanks a million in advance!

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  1. Since you have gathered lots of information, what interest you so far ? Just want to see what kind of food you like first. Wish you have a nice trip !

    1. I posted a request for favorite dishes in Macau and HK and the China Hounders responded. That's how I planned my meals. It was great. I really liked Blue Ginger in Singapore. My dad was not an adventurous eater, so I didn't get to go to a lot of places that I really wanted to like Banana have to go there. Four Seasons from this board knows Singapore too. Also, Singapore is technically supposed to be under Greater Asia. You'll find lots more info there. Have fun. Singapore was great.

      1. GVaz,
        So while I'm totally unable to answer any questions about Tokyo, Singapore, Malaysia or Macau, I can tell you that in Beijing, the place to have real authentic (and cheap) Chinese food is Dongzhimen Nei Da Jie, or as the Beijingers call it, Gui Jie. I will quickly refer you to this link -- -- which has useful information about Gui Jie: restaurants, addresses, phone numbers, etc.; and I would say that you can do an entire culinary tour of Beijing just on this one street. The one type of food it is missing however, is the famous Beijing duck. For "kaoya" I will always recommend Quanjude ( . . . I guess I'll go ahead and add it to the Chow Database too). It is a bit touristy, but it's not very expensive and the duck (especially the skin) is delicious.
        As for Hong Kong, my number one recommendation is Maxim's ( a great dim sum restaurant near city hall. It's not cheap, but not outrageous and the shumai and changfen with chashao (broad noodle wrap with sweet pork) are killer. Have a great trip and let me know if you find any other great recommendations for Beijing or HK.

        Beijing , CN

        Hong Kong , HK

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          Looks like Chowhound's got every covered, their just one step ahead, even hooking up Chinese characters. So, check out the links below for Quanjude's world-famous "kaoya" . . .
          . . . bummer, none of the Chowhound link's work, strange. Came someone else try and link the the restaurants called 全聚德烤鸭? There's like 5 of them just on Chowhound, but for some reason they won't show up in the "add a place."