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May 14, 2009 05:05 PM

Stamford - Bye bye A&P, hello Fresh Market

Another great addition for Stamford....the A&P on High Ridge is closing in 10 days and by fall, we will have a Fresh Market. I FULLY welcome it! I hope it lives up to the Fresh Markets I've been to down south.

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  1. Anything has to be better! I've never been to a dumpier store like this one - I stopped shopping there about a year ago. In addition, there is ONE exit out of the dumpy parking lot - guess that won't change!

    1. Another Fresh Market is opening where Shaw's was in Westport. Latest word is it will be open in September. I've never been to one, but anything will be better than Shaw's!

      1. At least for this particular store, the article says it's still operated by A&P. I think they're renovating it to their A&P Fresh Market format.

        "Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., parent of A&P, Waldbaum's, Super Fresh, the Food Emporium, Food Basics USA, Pathmark and A&P Liquor, plans to reopen the store in September."

        Continue to be disappointed.

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          "The store, at slightly more than 20,000 square feet, will close May 25 for more than three months of renovations to become a Fresh Market. The supermarket will undergo changes similar to those done last year when the Food Emporium on West Putnam Avenue was transformed into an A&P Fresh Market, and an A&P store on East Putnam Avenue in Greenwich was unveiled as a Fresh Market.

          Like the Greenwich stores, the A&P in Stamford, which has been in place for 40 years, will undergo a complete transformation, offering a wider variety of fresh and prepared foods, as well as an expanded deli shop, floral shop and a bakery"

        2. We have one in Mt. Kisco and it is pretty much a regular old supermarket, but nicer, but, the meats are excellent.

          1. Oh wow....that is so disappointing. I know the Westport store is going to be a Fresh Market:

            I didn't realize that A&P had a fresh market format. I totally misread the article.