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May 14, 2009 04:23 PM

Marco Island/Naples

Will be visiting Marco island for a week in July. There will be two teenagers, and two ten year olds who "go out to eat alot" with us. I am looking for relaxing, comfortable, unpretentious places preferably American or Italian that is moderately to slightly above moderately priced.

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    1. The Sunset Grill at the Apollo condos is very relaxed and priced well by Marco standards. It's right on the beach. The menu is by no means upscale, but there is a decent variety the kids will probably like. They have the best Philly Cheesesteak in town and their Tuna Tataki is really good.
      For Italian, I like DaVinci's, in the Marco Walk center. A typical Italian menu done very well, and with a sushi bar ! If you want down and dirty Italian try Joey's. It's basically an "upscale" pizza place.
      The kids also might like Pelican Bend in the Isles of Capri, which is a 5 minute ride over the bridge. Indoor and outdoor seating on the water. Best fried chicken around.
      Some people like the Snook Inn. I don't go there because of the tourist invasion in the winter months I'm there, but friends have said they like it. It's another waterfront place and I'm told they have great ribs.
      Take lots of sunscreen. The sun is intense in the summer.

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          Haven't been to Marco in a year. Did some research then and these were recommended. Don't know if they are all still in business.

          Marek’s (nicest/expensive), Al Paradeis (off island on US41), Conrad’s, Snook Inn, Arturo’s (pretty/Italian), Island Café, Old Marco Pub (divine Italian/seafood), Andre’s, Sala Pepe (resort, expensive), Blue Heron (Capri), Old Marco Inn (historical, piano player), The Deck (entertainment good, food marginal), Verdi’s, House of Mozart, Cocomo’s, Hoot’s (breakfast), Nene’s (breaksfast), Cafe de Marco (no atmosphere, but shrimp are "world famous"), Kretch's (big following, not crazy about it)

          Goodland: a little fishing village at the end of Marco island, has kind of a Jimmy Buffet feel, a couple of good restaurants, fishing boats for hire. On Sundays there is a beer fest during season.

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            Thanks Spoonball. What's the place that looks "like a shack" from the it Old Marco Pub? My friend went to a place that looked like a shack but inside the food was out of this world...she said it had the name "marco or old marco in it but can't remember the name.

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              The old Marco Pub is in a little strip center, so I don't think that's the one. There are probably a hundred bars, restaurants, and businesses with the name Marco in them.
              Two places come to mind that, while I wouldn't describe them as a shack, are in buildings which are in less than stellar condition and are in the Old Marco area, which is in the vicinity of Bald Eagle Drive. They are Snook Inn, which I've previously mentioned, and the Sand Bar, which has the best wings around.
              There is a bar, Jack's Lookout, that would qualify as a shack, but as far as food goes I think they only have hot dogs. It's on the water along Bald Eagle near the Anglers Cove condos.
              Within Anglers Cove there is a small place called Dolphin Tiki. I had forgotten about it until you mentioned a "shack". As the name implies it is a tiki bar/restaurant which actually has some decent food. When they have prime rib, it's very good. They always seem to have a few specials.
              One last place that qualifies as a shack would be Marker 8, which used to be the Crabby Lady in the Goodland area of Marco.
              Hope this helps.

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                Its called the Old Marco Lodge on Goodland... the service is very poor and the food is OK. They have an awesome view though... The Little Bar on Goodland has by far the best food and freshest fish.

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                  Two more questions...dd will be turning 16 the first night...she likes prime rib and salmon...any place that you would recommend that is a little more special that has this food? My friend said "Chops" is good even though I realize it is a chain. Second question - what about breakfast...I'm hearing Hoots, susie's and another place that has an "egg" in its name. We are staying at the Marriot and will visit their breakfast buffet which I hear is good but pricey but we can't go there every day.

                  1. re: shesallthat

                    re: Chops...If you consider two restaurants a chain, then I guess it is a chain. Their corporation operates a few other restaurants like Blue Water Bistro. The best salmon I've ever had was a Truluck's, but perhaps, by your standards, you will consider it a chain as it has places in Boca (?), Texas and Naples. This fear of chains is interesting to me. Small high end operations like Chops and Trulucks have the opportunity to buy better product due to their buying clout. I don't consider Thomas Keller a chain operator but he owns Per Se and French Laundry and one other place. It is harder and harder for a chef owned or small restaurant to have access to what they need unless they grow it themselves. Chops and Trulucks do not meet your moderate requirements however. But for a special birthday, both would be good.

                    Nene's Kitchen, Susie's and Hoots are the places for breakfast. You can order breakfast from the menu at the Marriott instead of the buffet.

                    I love the Marco Marriott, the beaches are enormous and pristine. The pools are quite nice. Nice spa. Quinn's is a good place to meet throughout the day. Have a fun trip.

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                      If you don't want to drive to Naples you can get a very good steak at Tara's right in the Esplanade, about 2 miles from the Marriott. I wasn't much of a fan when they were in their old location, but we had dinner there just before our trip north in early May and it was excellent. We had the porterhouse for two and it was as good as I'd had anywhere. And I'm a steak eater.
                      Regarding breakfast, the previously noted places are all good, but my favorite is Chef's Express, located in the shops of the Olde Marco Inn. I think it's on Palm Street, which is a left turn when you hit the end of Bald Eagle near Snook Inn.
                      It's an outdoor place where you sit among pretty plants and tables with umbrellas. Their menu has the standard stuff, but they always have some less than usual choices as well. Their quiches are excellent. They even allow pets (their little dog is usually milling around) which adds to the quirkiness.

                      1. re: BCjr

                        Chops is still a definite possibility...I want whatever makes dd happy. Thanks for all your suggestions - I'm taking notes!