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May 14, 2009 02:55 PM

Istanbul - 1 night

Looking for a casual, good local food restaurant for our 1 night. Should we eat in one of the restaurants on the bridge or somewhere else? We like all foods, so the more ethnic the better. don't want to be too far from where we are docked on our cruise.

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  1. The galata bridge is a fine place to have a drink before dinner but I wouldnt suggest eating there. I have heard a number of horror stories of padded bills and the old switcheroo. Generally speaking, restaurants in Istanbul that throw out the dragnet with aggressive touts out front are not the best places to eat.
    I suggest Karakoy Lokantasi. It is very close to the docks, has really great food at reasonable prices. In fact, it's one of my favorite lunch spots in the entire city.
    For dinner you will find the classic meze, fish or grill with alcohol served in a friendly local environment. For dinner i always get the lambchops after several rounds of tasty meze.
    It's a pity you wont be there for lunch. They have fabulous specials such as hunkar begendi (a roast over pureed eggplant). Dinner is quite rewarding just the same. NPR did a nice little story on Karakoy Lokantasi not too long ago.
    Otherwise see the link below for a useful review.