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May 14, 2009 02:45 PM

Nice Dinner in Rehoboth

I will be in Rehoboth in 2 weeks with my husband. It's his birthday so I'd like to take him out to a nice dinner. Do you have any recommendations for the best food/atmosphere in the area?

I was thinking the Back Porch but now I'm seeing mixed reviews. We are open to any type of cuisine.



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  1. I see you're a DC resident, Lindsay. You might already be familiar with Kevin Reading's Nage. The DC location is the younger one; the original is here in Rehoboth, and recently expanded the dining room. The food is surprising and innovative - I've never been disappointed.

    James Beard semi-finalist (for two years in a row) Jay Caputo has two restaurants in town, Espuma ( and the "more casual" Porcini House (sorry, I can't find a web address). My mate took me to Porcini House for my own birthday dinner last year, and we had a great time and a great meal. Caputo has quite a way with mediterranean flavors.

    Seafood master Matt Haley has several restaurants in Lower Slower. His first to land in Rehoboth itself is Lupo di Mare, which opened last year. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to sample what he's serving (at least, not yet), but the menu looks good, the dining room has a nice, clean elegance, and Haley has a very good track record.

    I hope your visit to Rehoboth won't be for just the Memorial Day weekend, because predictions are that we are going to get slammed with the first wave of vacationers. If you're going to be here during the week, it will be a lot easier to drop in without reservations. As for the Back Porch, don't listen to all the negative press. With the restaurant scene here in Rehoboth as hot as it is (and it is sizzles more and more each year) Back Porch is still one of the major players.

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      I like everything S. Woody has said. Probably Nage and The Back Porch are Rehoboth's best. People here really love The Back Porch and always look forward to its reopening every year.
      We love Porcini House so much but they have a very small menu. You might like lunch there better than a special birthday dinner.
      Baywood may be too out of the way for you, but I thought I would mention it anyway because we have had some very good experiences there and it is beautiful.
      Also, consider The Buttery in Lewes. Second Street is so special.

    2. Just got back from Rehoboth and have a few recs if anyone is interested...

      Big thumbs up for Stoney Lonen on Second Street. I had been warned about going there, but it turned out to be a very nice place. It's billed as an Irish Pub, but it comes across a little more elegant than that. It had that pub feel, without being loud and raucous, and it was definitely cozy and welcoming, airy and clean. The Asiago Crusted Florida Grouper was very good and the mashed sweet potatoes perfectly complimented the flavors of the fish. Fried Oysters and Steamed Mussels apps were very good also. We used the fresh, hot rolls to sop up the garlicky butter leftover. A couple Smithwicks 1710 Ales rounded off the meal. The special that night was ½ price Fish-and-Chips. My DB (dining buddy) gave me a sample and it was crispy outside and tender inside. Seasoned with I-don’t-know-what, it had a salty/spicy flavor unlike anywhere else.

      Night two found us at the Seafood Shack on Baltimore Ave. We dined al fresco on the back patio. We really only went there because it was too early for Cafe Sole next door. The service was fine and everyone fawned over our dog Trixie (they made her a hamburger patty). The food however was mediocre. The Oyster Po’ Boy was five fried oysters on a small bun with lettuce and tomato, and it came with maybe 15 french fries. This place is really more a bar than a restaurant. You could easily hang out there for hours nibbling and drinking, but to go specifically for dinner, I don’t think so.

      Finally, we had a late lunch/early dinner on Sunday at Pig+Fish on Rehoboth Ave, clearly my favorite place so far. Super meal, (probably the best burger I’ve had in years) and great service. We started with the Hummus+Red Pepper+Feta Dip which was fantastic with the Dogfish 60 Minute IPA. Lunch didn’t look like much on the plate, but the portion was very filling. The DB had the BBQ Meatloaf sandwich but gobbled it up before I could ask for a bite! (He said it was delicious.)

      I wish I could have gone to more places, but time would not allow it. Hope this helps anyone headed that way this summer. Sláinte!

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        My mate and I recently went to Pig and Fish's little sibling, the Pickled Pig, up on the Highway (18756 Coastal Highway, ). After sharing an appetizer from the cheese selection (two cheeses, your choice, plus chorizo, olives, & dried cherries), he had the rockfish and chips ("Best I've had in quite a while," he told me), and I went for the Thai Chicken Noodle Bowl (a happy encounter with red Thai curry cream, rice noodles, just the right amount of veg and chicken. The bird was a tad overcooked but thre rest of the dish was spot on). There isn't anything on the menu running over 15 bucks. And they've a great selection of beers.

      2. Don't know why no one mentioned it, but I like the Big Fish over on the highway.

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        1. re: skipper

          We like Big Fish too. Lately we have been ordering lunch in the market and eating outside.

        2. My wife and I thouroghly enjoyed our dinner at The Blue Moon on Baltimore Ave. last summer. I had wanted to post last year , and didn't, and now I can't remember exactly what we had, except for a Fig & Blue Cheese Tart, a Duck Leg Confit appetizer, Rockfish (Striped Bass) over local Corn & Tomatoes (there was more to the dish but memory fails), and my son enjoyed a wonderful Steak Frittes w/ NY Strip.

          We ate in quite a few places, and this meal stood out. I'm suprised there aren't more posts about the Blue Moon on the Rehoboth threads.

          We also enjoyed a couple of trips to the Dogfishhead Brewpub. I loved the wood oven Pizzas, the crust with the added barley was addictive. Just as an aside the Dogfishhead Brewery tour was well worth the 10 mile ride from Rehoboth, all you have to do is call ahead or register online to reserve your tickets.

          1. Wow, Thank you all for the great recommendations! I think we are going to go with the Back Porch.

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            1. re: lindsayblake

              My wife and I were very pleased with our meal at Fins on Rehoboth Avenue. My wife's lobster roll was delicious with huge chunks of lobster and just enough mayo to keep everything together. My grilled chicken sandwich was one of the best that I have had in years. The size of the breast was very generous and moist. As something of a "french fry connoisseur" the ones served with the sandwich impressed me; they were perfectly seasoned and were fried to a perfect crispy state.

              I would also recommend the house salad w/pine nuts and mustard vinaigrette.

              While we were just there for sandwiches the entrees that were being served around appeared to be nicely portioned and well prepared. We would not hesitate the order an entree in the future and believe that this will become a regular stop for us when we are spending the weekend in Rehoboth.

              Bonus Breakfast recommendation - Should you be in the mood for a tasty, exceptionally fresh breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere try the Greenman Juice Bar and Bistro. My wife tried what appeared to be the most popular item on the menu, the porridge. You get to choose what kind of milk (including soy) you want to be used as well as a sweetener (different sugars and honeys) and two mix-ins (fresh or dried fruit and nuts primarily). The resulting bowl of steaming porridge was very satisfying, certainly not your average bowl of instant Quaker Oats! Best of all it only costs $3.95.

              While tofu is not generally my cup of tea I did enjoy the breakfast burrito that was also composed of fresh veggies, some sort of delicious curry. The waitress initially indicated that I could substitute turkey sausage for the tofu she returned a couple of minutes after I ordered to very apologetically explain that it would be possible as many of the ingredients for the burrito were pre-mixed with tofu. I decided to order the burrito anyway and was pleasantly surprised when the dish arrived. While there was still a bit of tofu in the burrito the chef had clearly removed the majority of it and, in it's place, provided a substantial serving of the aforementioned sausage. Now that's great service and earned the waitress a nice tip! While the service and food alone make the Greenman worthy of the visit I would be remiss not to mention that it is located only about a block from the beach of Wilmington Ave; making it very inviting for you to take a pleasant post-breakfast beach stroll.

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                  My husband and I tried Fins for the 1st time on Sunday night. His bday dinner at Back Porch is next weekend, but we made a last-minute trip for the holiday weekend too..

                  We tried Fins based on the reviews on this board and were not disappointed. The oysters were really good, and I got the Grilled Halibut in lobster cream sauce, which was really fresh. My husband had the cioppino which was also good.

                  Thanks to you all again for the great recs...

                  1. re: lindsayblake

                    lindsayblake, I hope your trip birthday celebration here was excellent! Did you enjoy The Back Porch Cafe?