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May 14, 2009 02:44 PM

Dinner at trendy restaurants for 17 year old and mom

I will be spending two weekends in NYC with 17 year old daughter who is graduating from high school. Looking for two trendy restaurants for dinner where my daughter will think she is cool and there is the possibility of spotting a celebrity. One restaurant in the meatpacking district and one restaurant somewhere not too far from park ave south and 26th street. We are not looking for gourmet restaurants but rather trendy and fun and a "scene" but keeping in mind my daughter will be with me, her mom. Thank you for your help!

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    1. re: kathryn

      When my brother and I were at Pastis after midnight a couple of months ago, Uma Thurman was there. Didn't matter much to me (I wouldn't have even noticed if my brother hadn't called my attention to that fact), but she is definitely a celebrity.

    2. Buddakan for sure , 12 million dollar restaurant, huge space. with a young crowd, many celebs,,, The other place perhaps Japonais on park and i think 20th, its real trendy ,,celebs have been at the upstairs bar area where they serve appetizers. Or maybe Inoteca on 24th and park

      1. pastis in meat packing is a classic for brunch, especially on a nice day. bistro.

        buddakan is a great suggestion for trendy. dimsum/asian

        along the same lines is tao in midtown.

        of course there is nobu next door (dont need a ressy) in tribeca. sushi/japanese. have seen a b list celebrity there at least every other time ive been. funny enough, ive never seen one in the formal nobu. prices not as bad as you would think. better scene than nobu57 which is challenged by its own layout and crowded with midtown finance types.

        park ave south and 26th is tough. not celebrity central by any stretch. try your luck with one of the restaurants on the run btw 14th st (union square) and your location along park ave. not far from you is coffee shop in union square. has been around a long time, but still packed with slinky pretty people. might be the greatest challenge to get in with your 17yr old at this spot- not sure how that will work.

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        1. re: conordog

          I tend to see alot of celebrities at Da Silvano

          1. re: CMG920

            Da Silvano always has celebs.... but a totally non fancy place like katz's deli has the likes of Robert Di Nero, Harvey Keitel, Leonardo Di Caprio and more every day.,,, Ennio and Michaels has Bill Cosby as a regular, Wolfgang has Tony Soprano ,,on and on ,, celebs eat all over. I saw a few at Macao last time i was there

        2. thank you for all of your responses/help. I think the plan will be to do brunch on saturday at pastis, dinner at Buddakan. I used to go to Da Silvano when I spent more time in the city. I will plan that for our second weekend in the City before she leaves for school. I am thinking that even if we stay at park avenue south and 26th we will plan to spend most of our time in Soho and meatpacking district. Thank you again , so much. Really appreciate the suggestions.