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May 14, 2009 02:36 PM


So I just saw the thread about the 10 Best Things to Eat in Dallas. It looked pretty nifty. I've only recently moved to Houston, so I have no idea what the 10 Best Things to Eat in Houston are, but I'm hoping someone does.

I know everybody's tired of answering the exact same "Where should I eat on my visit to Houston" query every single gd week, but I'm hoping there are some great individual dishes here that are worthy of mention.

And I'm hoping some of you old timers will mention them.

All I can mention for starters is the ceviche at Ostioneria Mar Azul on Belfort.

And even though it's a chain, I love the Blackened Oyster Fondue at Pappadeaux.

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  1. Anything fried at the Barbecue Inn, oysters, shrimp, chicken, stuffed crab, chciken fried steak. Queso flameado at Los Molcajetes, chips and salsa at Merida on Navigation. Oysters Louisianne(poached in white wine and butter), plus the fried oysters at Mardi Gras Grill. Red beans and rice with andouille and fried chicken at Frenchy's. Crab enchiladas and margaritas with the right bartender at El Tiempo on Washington. Fatty brisket and beef sausage at Galvan's in Richmond.

    1. Chicken Salad in a half of an Avocado at Doyle's of Oak Forest
      Bowl of Chili at James Coney Island
      Raviolo w/Ricotta, Egg & Truffle at Da Marco's
      Dracula's Garlic Cream Soup at Charivari
      Grilled Quail at El Real Mexican Restaurant
      Chicken Brazil at Cafe Red Onion (NW Fwy location only)
      Tacos or Tortas al Pastor at Taquerias Arandas

      I had other favorites, but the restaurants are gone - BOO! There are probably more but this is off the top of my head.

      1. Corn and lobster ravioli at Da Marco
        That shaved Brussels sprouts salad at Dolce Vita
        The pizzas at Dolce Vita (they remind me of the pizzas we ate in Rome)
        Pierson's brisket
        Anything with mole at Hugo's, and their goat cheese cheesecake
        That's not ten, but it's a start!

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          I just had some muy tasty cabrito tacos at La Michoacana Meat Mkt on So. Post Oak. Topped with fresh cilantro & onion, salsa on the table....good stuff.

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            The Monument Inn all you can eat seafood platter and the original Ninfas for mexican food on navigation.

            1. re: joedontexan

              Oh yes, a big amen to the Monument Inn suggestion.
              My husband and his coworkers used to go to Ninfa's on Navigation quite often, and recently have stopped going there. They think it has really gone downhill.

        2. Fun topic. These are my ten, although ask me again in a week and they might all be different.

          Mollejas taco at Taqueria Tacambaro
          Sticky toffee pudding at Feast
          Oysters Gilhooley's at Gilhooley's (San Leon)
          Horse mackeral sashimi at Teppay
          Chicken tortilla soup at El Rey
          Soltani combo at Cafe Caspian
          Biscuits at Tel Wink
          Whole snapper at Tampico
          Fried catfish at Vernon's Kuntry Katfish (Conroe)
          Fried chicken (legs and thighs) at Frenchy's Fried Chicken

          1. Reef-besides any of the tasty seafood dishes, try the "shrimp shooter" starter and the "milk shakes" for desert!
            Grimaldi's, Dolce Vita and Romano's for the best pizza's in Houston
            Berryhill's for Shrimp Taco's
            Indika's for Crabmeat Somosa's or Quail appetizers
            Carrabba's on Kirby for the "off menu Shrimp" appetizer,,, OMG!
            Van Loc,, #46 Bun,, grilled or stir-fried chicken w/verm noodles
            Nidda Thai Rest for the Thai Basil Shrimp
            Paulie's for the Shrimp BLT or Portobella Mushroom Sandwiches
            Istanbul Rest/West U for the Iskender Kabab plate and the bread is to die for
            Barnaby's for any burger on the menu

            I could go on but thats my ten!