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May 14, 2009 02:14 PM

Metisse on 105 ?

friend made sunday brunch reservations at Metisse on UWS 105th - I searched it on Chowhound and found very little - I searched it on Yelp and read some horrible reviews - just horrible - have any hounders been recently? what was your experience? do you have other suggestions for the area? Sunday Brunch mid-price range UWS.

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  1. I had thought about trying Metisse after moving to the neighborhood, then saw some awful reviews and decided against it.

    Toast (southwest corner of Broadway at 105th) offers brunch. I've only been there for dinner, and really liked the food (great lamb burger, pulled pork sandwich, and they do little toasts topped with smoked salmon, sliced steak, etc).

    There is also Cafe du soleil on broadway at 104th. It looks very cute but I haven't tried it. It's always busy when I walk by on weekends around brunch-time.

    If you walk north on Broadway up to 112th/113th there are some places that offer brunch. Community Food and Juice is amazing, but I heard it's closed due to a kitchen fire.

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      Just a note about Cafe du Soleil- I enjoy the food there, and they have good deals on weeknights. HOWEVER, we ate there tonight, and they gave our credit card to another table! Unfortunately, the other diners didn't pick up on the mistake, and left with our card. Unbelievably, the waiter claimed it was our mistake, and 45 minutes later the manager found that he had in fact handed our card back to an adjacent table (the manager checked the security camera to confirm this!).

      So in summary: good food, good deals on weeknights, and absolutely horrifying service. I'd strongly suggest skipping Cafe du Soleil, and opting for Community Food and Juice- good food, good service, and they are very conscious about buying organic and local ingredients.

      Happy eating!