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May 14, 2009 02:04 PM

2 Chefs coming from San Francisco

We are two chefs coming from SF. One of us is a first timer. What would you suggest?
We are in at 9pm on Saturday and leave Wednesday morning. Short I know, but thus is the restaurant life. Right now we are planning on Cochon and Bayona (Susan Spicer is a good friend of my boss.) What else should we not miss.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Glad you're going to Cochon. It's spectacular.

    I would suggest Parkway Bakery for po'boys.

    1. Stella!, Restaurant August (John Besh), Commander's Palace, Plus 1 on Parkway (Po boys) Dante's Kitchen, Mandina's (Casual neighborhood joint), Bayona is awesome in atmosphere and cuisine, Napoleon House (lunch) Casamento's (oysters and seafood, but they close in summer) Elizabeth's (Breakfast) EAT (Brunch) Rio Mar, Upperline, Lilette, SO MANY options and with your "chef's palate" you are in for a real treat!

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        What she said! LOL As we've already determined...ScarlettNola and I have very similar tastes!

      2. I am from SF as well and come here to NOLA about times a year. Cochon is a great choice. I actually prefer Bayona for Sat. lunch as opposed to dinner. I also would highly reccomend Brigtsens, Gautreau's and August. I, personally, could skip Stella! and MiLa. I never miss my Sunday dinner (divine duck) at Upperline. We are here this time for 8 days and I have 12 reservations set thus far for our lunches and dinners. There are many, many good places. It really depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for something akin to a Danko or Coi experience or are you looking for a casual or even hole in the wall place (i.e Dotties True Blue Cafe or a Mission taqueria?)

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          We are more of a Delfina CoCo500 duo although who doesn't love Gary Danko and Dotties rocks! La Taqueria is prob my second favorite in SF. It sounds like you know my favorite places so I appreciate your reccomendations. Thanks for any help!

          1. re: fatback

            I have been eating all day so I hope this reaches you before you make dining decisions.
            Delfina is one of my absolute favorites (although my pals at Quince are a very close second!!)
            Ok, based on Delfina, Craig is a "chefs chef" and along those lines I would absolutely recommend Herbsaint, Cochon, Lilette and Gautreaus.
            Herebsaint- I love the salad with buttermilk dressing, spaghetti with poached egg and the shortribs
            Cochon- the rabbit livers, pork cheeks and the cochon. Also I love the pickled watermelon rind I always ask for a bag of cracklins (chicharrones) to go and they always are happy to give them to me
            Lilette- Oh, the beet salad, duck confit and beef cheeks are wonderful; but save room for dessert. the pastry chef is amazing!!!! Great wines as well. (Ask for Louis to serve you-I love him)
            Gautreau's - I just tried this for the 1st time when I was here in March. I don't know what the hell took me so long but I will try to make up for lost time. Pork belly, duck breast and roasted chicken are the only things I have had besides dessert so far but they were all SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!! Sue is just the rarest of chefs. All that talent in just a wisp of a girl. Absolutely lovely from start to finish. I like Susan Spicer but in a battle of Sue's, in my opinion Sue Z. wins hands down.
            The other ones we usually hit when here:
            Restaurant August
            Dantes Kitchen

            Ones a lot of people love but I personally don't think are all that:


            Ones that I have been to only recently but enjoyed:
            Bistro Daisy

            Let me know how it goes.
            Am interested to see what you think.

        2. You must try One, located in the riverbend area at the end of St. Charles Ave. near the river. It's consistently amazing food by and for locals. The rabbit and cochon are really special, but if they're offering soft shell crab...go for it. You won't be disappointed. Apps and salads fresh and great, too.

          1. I also highly recomend One Restaurant in the riverbend. The prices are very reasonable and the food and atmosphere are lovely. I also like that Chef Todd Snodgrass changes the menu seasonally. The web link is:

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            1. re: foodophyle

              I am originally from SF and my favorite New Orleans restaurant is One. I think the chef's name is Scott though- not Todd. We also love Lilette, Bistro Daisy, and Luke.

              1. re: robrob

                I had not heard of One, but I just looked it up. It looks really good and nice atmosphere! Thanks any other appreciated!

              2. re: foodophyle

                ok now i feel like the oddball -- i love One's bar & masterful cocktails, the open kitchen, and the friendly owners. great shop. but after having gone a few times i cant quite put it on my shortlist... while i couldnt really complain about the food, it didnt woo me either. weird.

                1. re: kibbles

                  I didn't get all the hype either on One R&L. was disappointed in the food and service. I'm sure I'm the minority, but I cannot recommend going when there are so many other places that have satisfied.

                    1. re: fatback

                      Iris, Irene's, Martinique Bistro, Clancy's, Patois, Lilette, Vizard's, Luke, Galatoire's, Ciro's Cote Sud, Jamila's, Il Posto, St. James Cheese Co., Mat & Naddie's, Brigtsen's, Parkway Bakery, R&O, Rivershack Tavern, Crabby Jack's, Galley Seafood, Ristorante Da Piero, Chateau du Lac, Clementine's, Kim Son, Mosca's

                2. re: foodophyle

                  One is one of my favorites as well.