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May 14, 2009 01:48 PM

Lunch in Harvard Sq. Want Yummy Food, Reas. Price. Ideas?

I'm meeting up with one of my girlfriends for lunch tomorrow in Harvard Sq. Meeting there due to ease of public transportation.

She is Taiwanese who prefers Italian, I'm a foodie, but with not much money. Is there something that will tickle our tastebuds in the Square (or north of that we could walk to?

Ethnic OK. It's been so long since I actually ate a real meal in the Square that I can't think of where to go.

Casablanca? Snooze
Algiers? More snooze
Chili's? Don't even ask.

Oh for the days of the Blue Parrot...


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  1. Wagamama is a nice option.

    1. Darwin's and Crema Cafe both have excellent soups and sandwiches (although seating can sometimes be hard to get around lunchtime).

      Tamarind Bay for pretty good Indian. Has a reasonably priced lunch buffer (I think around $8-$9).

      1. Give Tory Row a look: moderate, simple, tasty, very new. I always found Shilla a respectable option for Korean/Japanese in that neighborhood. Garden at the Cellar is a short walk away, a gastro-pub kind of place with spectacular food of its kind.

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          Just had a burger and their tremendous rosemary truffle fries there for lunch today. SOOOOO good, and very reasonable. Also, good, prompt service, which isn't always the case at lunch there for some reason.

        2. cambridge 1 is pretty good for thin crust/fancy topping pizza, though not always consistent. probably not as crowded as crema or darwin's, seating-wise. if it's nice out, hi-rise sells sandwiches and has outdoor seating. north a bit, forest cafe might be good for mexican, though it's been years since i've been so i can't say for sure what the scene is now. petsi's pies on putnam also does sandwiches, quiches and the like. and i agree with delhiwala, if you want noodles, go to wagamama. the other psuedo-thai places in the square are terrible.

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