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Hammersley's Recommendations

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Finally going to Hammersley's this weekend after all these years. Any recommendations on what to get? I know they are famous for the roast chicken, but do I really want to get roast chicken in such a good restaurant with so many other interesting dishes?

Thanks for your input.

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  1. Hamersley's chicken is justly famous. If you can't bring yourself to, get someone else to order it and have a bite, or a leg. I think the salads and vegetarian dishes are extraordinary. The garlic/mushroom sandwich is simple and amazing. The halibut/clam roast. Anything that looks traditional bistro French will be better than it sounds: the chicken, charcuterie, confit duck. The patio is great, when it's going, too.


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      I'd second duck confit. Hammersly's shines brightest on the execution of simple dishes: properly made sauces, well cooked meats and fish, crispy skin, etc.

    2. Yes. The chicken really is that good. I also really like their pate and the pan-roasted lobster is always decadent and delicious when available.

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        Second heathermb and mc slim...Yes. You want that chicken. Calling it a "roast chicken" really doesn't do it justice. It's amazing --the most flavorful and delicious chicken you'll ever have. Really. I've been to Hamersley's a few times and I almost always get the chicken (maybe once i didn't, but regretted it..) Enjoy!

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          Piling on as usual and have posted repeatedly about this but I have to third the roast chicken rec. It is still one of the best restaurant dishes I have ever had. It is still a "must try". The halibut and duck confit are not shabby either.

      2. We always try to have first timers try the chicken. It is a great example of what a perfect roast chicken should be.

        I find the duck confit hard to resist. My husband will often order the steak - the last time it was smoked and full of wonderful flavor.

        Here is our review from last summer with photos to make you drool a bit.


        1. I agree with the recommendation for the roast chicken. I'm sorry to the person who had a dry one but I think I eat that chicken at least once a month and it's never, ever been dry. It's really a very delicious dish and quite large so good for sharing. The duck confit is also always a good bet as is whatever pate' they are doing at the moment. Have a fabulous meal!

          1. Agree that the roast chicken is great....but you can duplicate that one at home without too much effort (in fact there is a film or Gordon demonstrating the recipe online somewhere). If you're with a group and someone is less adventurous then have them get it and taste it, and try one of the more interesting items yourself. They do a great job with any fish/seafood so those are strongly recommended. The charcuterie, though not as varied as some palces now, is pretty solid, and their salads are always interesting.

            Their bread basket alone is worth a trip (maybe that's just me, but their dark peasant bread is out of this world, or out of the Old World anyway).

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              I keep trying to replicate it at home but continue to fail miserably.

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                The Hamersley's cookbook actually has two recipes for Roast Chicken - one is a simple, quick preparation and the other is the version they serve in the restaurant.

            2. Sadly I was only there once and it was about 7 years ago, but I remember thinking it was one of the best meals I've ever had. I can't remember what I had for dinner but I will never forget my dessert. If the bread pudding is still on the menu PLEASE order it. I didn't think bread could do that.

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                I went just for dessert at the bar the other day and we got a chocolate mousse cake that was OK, but the trifle with yuzu, lemon, lime, and fresh berries was absolutely outstanding. highly recommend!

              2. Thanks for all of these recommendations so far. They are very helpful. I am really looking forward to it now. Don't know why it's taken me so long to get there. I'm starting to lean to being "adventurous" and getting the chicken.