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May 14, 2009 01:30 PM

Hammersley's Recommendations

Finally going to Hammersley's this weekend after all these years. Any recommendations on what to get? I know they are famous for the roast chicken, but do I really want to get roast chicken in such a good restaurant with so many other interesting dishes?

Thanks for your input.

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  1. Hamersley's chicken is justly famous. If you can't bring yourself to, get someone else to order it and have a bite, or a leg. I think the salads and vegetarian dishes are extraordinary. The garlic/mushroom sandwich is simple and amazing. The halibut/clam roast. Anything that looks traditional bistro French will be better than it sounds: the chicken, charcuterie, confit duck. The patio is great, when it's going, too.

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      I'd second duck confit. Hammersly's shines brightest on the execution of simple dishes: properly made sauces, well cooked meats and fish, crispy skin, etc.

    2. Yes. The chicken really is that good. I also really like their pate and the pan-roasted lobster is always decadent and delicious when available.

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        Second heathermb and mc slim...Yes. You want that chicken. Calling it a "roast chicken" really doesn't do it justice. It's amazing --the most flavorful and delicious chicken you'll ever have. Really. I've been to Hamersley's a few times and I almost always get the chicken (maybe once i didn't, but regretted it..) Enjoy!

        1. re: twentyoystahs

          Piling on as usual and have posted repeatedly about this but I have to third the roast chicken rec. It is still one of the best restaurant dishes I have ever had. It is still a "must try". The halibut and duck confit are not shabby either.

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        1. We always try to have first timers try the chicken. It is a great example of what a perfect roast chicken should be.

          I find the duck confit hard to resist. My husband will often order the steak - the last time it was smoked and full of wonderful flavor.

          Here is our review from last summer with photos to make you drool a bit.

          1. I agree with the recommendation for the roast chicken. I'm sorry to the person who had a dry one but I think I eat that chicken at least once a month and it's never, ever been dry. It's really a very delicious dish and quite large so good for sharing. The duck confit is also always a good bet as is whatever pate' they are doing at the moment. Have a fabulous meal!