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May 14, 2009 01:06 PM

Worthy Meal off 95 South

Heading from NYC to DC for a business trip this weekend. Can anyone recommend a place for lunch not too far from 95 South. Due to time constraints we can drive 20 miles or so from the highway for something exceptional. Type of cuisine is less important than the quality of the food and overall experience. We'd love to hear about a favorite restaurant/cafe/pub/drive-in that we would never find without your help. Thanks.

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  1. Churchville. Well, I didn't research this properly-I understand that the Churchville Drive In ("The Big M") has now closed. In its time this place was remarkable: a real "blast from the past!" The "Arctic Circle" is still there along with a legitimate '50's era miniature golf course-at least they were both still there a year or so ago. But once upon a time this was literally Mayberry revisited with Saturday night cruise ins and American International horror and beach movies.

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      Near there on Rt 543 2 miles west of 95 is Broom's Bloom Dairy, on-farm ice cream parlor with sandwiches and soups.

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          The children of the Big M hotrodders are now inventing ice cream flavors at Broom's Bloom for their friends.

    2. 20 miles or so from the highway???? That leaves all of Baltimore within striking distance.

      I recommend Fiesta Mexicana on Philadelphia Road in Rosedale, MD - just north of Baltimore.

      1. You can drive rt. 40 pretty much from Baltimore to the DE border. There are plenty of places to eat there. I can't really offer any specifics because I seem to always stop at the Double T in White Marsh.
        There's also Newark, DE near the UD campus. Plenty of choices there. I don't know why anyone would stop at any of those rest stops. Blech!

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          I don't believe there are any "exceptional" restaurants on Route 40. The Williamsburg Inn in White Marsh is good, but I wouldn't categorize it as "exceptional" or worth a detour. FoiGras

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            If you like Cajun style, you should consider Clarences of New Orleans. It's only about a mile off Route 40, in "historic" downtown Edgewood.

        2. If you like baby back ribs the Corner Stable in Timonium Md (north of Baltimore) is good.

          1. Just before the Ft McHenry tunnel under the B'more Harbor, take the exit for O'Donnell Street and head towards downtown Baltimore. Make a right at the second light (Oldham Street) go about 6 blocks and on your left will be a small restaurant called SAMOS.
            Find a parking spot and enjoy. liquor license and no credit cards(although there is an ATM near the restrooms).