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May 14, 2009 12:47 PM

Store with wide soda selection - MIA/FLL

Hey folks,

I'm in Hollywood through Sunday, with a hotel with a fridge, a lot of rental cars, and an interest in obscure sodas, especially those I can't get up in Chicago -- I'm thinking stuff native to florida, the caribbean, south america. I've got a car and lots of free time. Anyone have any recommendations for places to hit?


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  1. Any local supermarket (Publix is the local chain) should carry at least the latin/caribbean sodas. Not sure what you can or can't get in Chicago, but here's a list of what I've seen here:

    Ironbeer (Cuban, like a fruity Coke)
    Materva (Cuban, made with Mate)
    Jupina (Cuban, Pineapple soda)
    Inca Cola (Peruvian, can probably get in Chicago)

    There's tons of others.

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      Thanks! We were going to head to a publix tonight anyway, so I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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        Publix mixes up its ethnic/regional offerings from store to store to some degree based on the surrounding neighborhood. In my area, there's the one with more Latin/Caribbean stuff, the two that skew fancy (one of which carries Midwestern stuff, one of which doesn't), the one with more Asian stuff, and the one where you find more Southern products.

        So if you're thinking Latin goods, go for the store in a more Latin neighborhood.

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          I ended up with a couple of the more caribbean Goya products, Cawy pineapple and watermelon, and a Malta Hatuey. The publix I hit near fort lauderdale had a decent selection, but it was almost all in 4-packs, and I just can't justify that when I'm only in town for 3 days :)

    2. I know that the Publix on Young Circle in Hollywood carries Ting, a Jamaican grapefruit soda, which is like Fresca, but waaaaaay better. It's not with the sodas, however, but in another aisle with some of the Caribbean products.

      You might also look for Malta, but I suspect you might be able to get that in Chicago.

      There's also Guarana Antarctica, a Brazilian soda, which I haven't had, but I know is widely available in Publix.

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        Ting is great stuff. Oddly, the last bottle I saw had made it from Jamaica to Texas by way of Canada.

        Thanks for the advice.

      2. Interesting topic. I've not been pleased with the soda selection in South Florida. I've been trying to find Stirrings' Ginger Ale, but it seems that Ginger Ale selections in South Florida are anything but good. I liked Boylan's Ginger Ale too, but I try to avoid something with Sodium Benzoate.

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          Believe Ginger People ginger beer contains just water, sugar, ginger, etc. and no Sodium Benzoate. Only place I could get it was Cost Plus World Market in Pines which closed about a month ago (it was their only location in South Florida and I was more than excited when it opened but of course people didn't know a good thing when they saw it and it was almost always empty. But then again, the location was awful).

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            What? Cost Plus Closed? I've been debating with my self for over a year, if it's worth the drive just to buy Tim Tams. Too late now

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            It sounds like you didn't get Boylan's *all natural* ginger ale. It is made with pure cane sugar and has no artificial flavors or colors, preservative free, caffeine free, and sodium free.Look for the all natural variety of their ginger ale and other flavors.

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              I do not believe that sodium benzoate has anything to do with the sodium content but I could be wrong. And yes, the "all natural" Boylan's ginger ale has it - I do not think they market two ginger ales. Stirrings' is also all natural but no sodium benzoate.

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                I am certain that you did not buy the all natural variety. You might be confusing the pure cane sugar line with the "all natural" pure cane sugar variety as clearly labled on the front of each bottle.

                Boylan all natural ginger ale ingredients directly from the bottle in front of me: carbonated water, cane sugar, ginger, lemon and lime oils, natural flavors, citric acid, caramel color. It clearly states preservative free next to the ingredients and there is no sodium benzoate in the ingredients list.

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                  Oh.. thanks for the heads-up! :-) In that case, where did you get that one?