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May 14, 2009 12:42 PM

Where to eat after seeing LV show

We are headed to LV in a few weeks and seeing a show that ends about 9:15 PM on a Monday night. I notice that many of the restaurant hours are 5-10 PM. We will not be able to eat before the show (husband flying in at 5:30 PM that night) but I'm concerned about making a reservation for 9:45 PM. Any advice as to whether it's safe to make a reservation so near to closing timeor if we should plan to eat at a cocktail lounge or something else? I hate to waste a meal in LV and this will be our only time to eat together. Many thanks in advance for your advice.

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    1. Your options are not bad, even for a Monday night - in the Venetian, AquaKnox, B&B, Canaletto, Tao and Valentino are open until 11, and in the Palazzo (you should consider them the same property these days) Carnevino, Morels, SushiSamba, Table 10, Woo and Zine have their dining rooms open until at least 11. They should all be accustomed to accommodating people coming from a show, and you will not be much more than a five minute stroll from any of them.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I'll do some research.

      2. We had dinner around 9:30 at Aquaknox on a Wednesday night a couple of weeks ago. No problems at all and the dining room was at least 50% full.

        Are you seeing Phantom? It is amazing!

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          We are going to see Jersey Boys. I read your previous post about Aquaknox and it's now on my short list. Thanks