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May 14, 2009 12:33 PM

Brent's Deli in Westlake Village

I don't intend to start a flame war, although something similar may be inevitable. And this topic has been chewed to death on this board. However. I had lunch today at Brent's on Townsgate in Westlake Village...had the regular pastrami on rye, new pickles and, as ChinoWayne has suggested, extra rye bread instead of a side. No question that this was a superior sandwich compared to almost all others. I did request that the pastrami be hand cut and was refused; it was machine cut and as thin as the meat at Johnnie's. The meat didn't have the texture and deep flavor of Langer's meat, I think because of the length of time Langer's steams their meat. The bread had excelent flavor but couldn't match the double baked texture and crust of Langer's. The pickles were perfect. My experience at Brent's in Northridge and today's first try at Westlake Village confirms that Brent's is a superior all-round deli compared to Langer's, but that for a pastrami sandwich (and that alone), Langer's reigns supreme. I now stand open to attack.

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  1. I agree Brent's is the best deli.
    Langers has the best pastrami.

      1. Why you, you pastrami poseur! ;-D> Agree I do (channeling Yoda), Tom. Thanks for your thoughts on a deep, dark and delicious subject.

        1. Tom, I don't know why you're thinking you're going to get attacked.... saying that Brent's is the best deli and Langer's has the best pastrami is basically gospel on the LA Chowhound board. You may want to add that Vito's and Joe's make the best NY pizza, 101 Noodle Express makes the best Shandong beef roll, Renu Nakorn makes the best Thai food, and Urasawa has the best kaiseki :)

          Mr Taster

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            Mr. T, I didn't think that I'd be attacked, I was just opening the door in case someone wanted to take issue.

          2. I was at a function in December which catered in Brent's. I've been a longtime Langer's fan, but was pleasantly surprised by the across the board high standard of deli meats.

            Has anyone had the catered pastrami lunch from Langer's?