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How long does Miso last?

I bought some miso a while ago.....ok about 6 months ago and havent used it. Its been in my refrigerator this whole time. Is it safe to use or should I toss it?

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  1. It's perfectly safe to eat. Miso lasts forever, in theory. I have miso I've had for 2-3 years.

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      Same here.. I figure there's enough sodium... as long as you don't double dip utensils or get other things in there (water, etc)

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        cool! Thanks! Id hate to toss it since it is impossible to find miso where i live. I had to buy it when i was in Austin, three hours from here. So sad!

        1. re: jenwee

          Amazon.com has a great array of miso products, and if you are a prime member a lot of them will ship free 2nd day. I have no local source for it, so that's where I buy it, HTH :-)

    2. Miso seems to last forever in the refrigerator. I hate to think how old mine is, but it must be more than three years old.

      1. Miso's shelf life has an inverse relationship with the interval between "how long will miso last?" threads.

        It won't spoil...it's ALREADY spoiled. It could dry out, though. Keep it well sealed and it'll outlast the refrigerator in which you store it.

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          I love the idea that it will outlast the fridge.
          I too am totally meticulous about using clean utensils to take what I need out, close it up tight, and right back in the fridge it goes.

          I wonder if the same can be said for the Korean chili-soybean pastes?
          I have one that is non-refridgerated shelf-stable, it says for 3 months, but I have not opened it...just found it in the back of the closet after a year. Pulmuone Korean Red Hot Pepper Paste - first ingredients are chiles, wheat flour, soy beans. It has that indestructible look, and nothing growing...

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            Korean dwenjang isn't quite as fermented as miso, I think-- I've had it go moldy before, whereas I've never ever had any problems with miso. I think it depends on whether you buy a commercially packaged one or a fresher store-made disc of it, though. On the other hand, things with chili paste (ssamjang, gochujang) do last a really really long time!

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              The stuff that comes in a round is usually cheonggukjang, not dwenjang. Cheonggukjang (the Korean analog to natto) is much less salty and fermented than dwenjang and does indeed go moldy a lot sooner. As far as I can tell, dwenjang has a lifespan as long as miso.

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                I've gotten both cheonggukjang and dwenjang both in rounds, though you're right, the cheonggukjang can be *quite* perishable (and only comes in discs, as far as I know?). I think when I've seen courser/drier dwenjang in rounds, it's been maybe something in between, if that's possible. (?) At any rate, it's true, if the dwenjang is in a jar/crock/tub, it's probably salted and fermented enough to last forever like miso!

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                  What I have is commercial gochujang...no evidence of mold, never opened....
                  thx for the info!

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              I agree! I have been using miso for many years now (1989) and I have kept some for over 6 years and used it . . . especially ones that I don't use as often as the common white, red varieties like hatcho miso.

              1. A great tip I saw on Japanese t.v., store your miso in the freezer. I do and what is nice is it keeps longer than the fridge (doesn't dry out or get the crusty bits), but also, it never freezes solid so you can still put a spoon into it.

                I move my miso from their plastic bags into a tupperware with a lid and that seems to do a great job. I have four different misos in the fridge now (Saikyo, Hatcho, Sendai, and a mugi miso picked up on a trip to Nagasaki).

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                  freezing it! Thats a great tip! Thank you so much!!!

                2. I just discovered that miso can go bad :X I am so thankful that I taste all the ingredients as I go along or I would have destroyed a lovely stir fry tonight. TY to the poster who suggested the freezer, my next package will go directly there.

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                      The Taste :X I mix miso with some water to use in stir fry dishes [to be thickened with cornstarch] I tasted them iso mixed with water before adding other seasonings to it. It tasted like rotted fish, a distinctly bad taste and odor. Stupid me, I thought maybe I had tasted another dish element that skewed the flavor of the miso so I tried it again,lol. BAD. So I will smell the miso before tasting it, if I had , the smell would have given it away.

                      1. re: fishiewoo

                        Hmm...that's odd. I have never experienced miso turning like that. Could it be possible that there was something else in the package (traces of something else on the spoon used to scoop out a dollop, perhaps) that contaminated it and went bad?

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                          Nope, I just don't do that, and I'm the only one in the house that cooks with it, hubby and kids have no idea what to do with it, lol. No visible sign that it had turned. Just the rotted fish taste :X

                  1. some packages of Miso paste I've bought have said that it doesn't need to be refrigerated.
                    Does everyone refrigerate all miso?

                    I have one package in my cupboard still. Doesn't smell funny. I put the opened bag within a ziploc.

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                      I treat miso like I would any base, but that is convenient for me. Chicken, turkey, seafood, beef, and veggie bases have their special spot in the fridge, so the miso goes with them.

                    2. Toss if you see pink/purple mold. Otherwise it should be fine.

                      1. I bought a great big bucket of miso 2 years ago. We eat it about 1-2x/week and the bulk buy made it about 1/6th the cost. It's as good as the day I bought it!