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May 14, 2009 11:49 AM

Suggestions for Canton Trade Days?

I'm going to Canton Trade Days next week for the first time and would love any suggestions for good places to eat. I know there are many food vendors at the market, but does anyone have a favorite? Are there any good hole-in-the-walls in Canton, or somewhere along the route between there and Dallas?

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  1. There are plenty of finds in Terrell...Mexican and I believe there is a new Cajun type place - Fat Catz on the eastern end of downtown Terrell on Hwy 80 that I saw about 2 weeks ago. DId not try but it look like they were busy when I drove by at about 2:30 pm

    1. Dairy Palace in Canton is very good for burgers, onion rings, etc. They also have a killer patty melt. Open 24 hours. There is also a small mexican restaurant just off the square that I like. Classic Tex-Mex. Can't remember the name for sure,,,,,Ojeda's?? Small brown building.

      There is also a food vendor at the Old Mill that cooks in a converted fire truck. He cooks really good chicken and steak sandwiches. Other than that, you can get your fill of typical fair and festival food.

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        I would second Dairy Palace. They do a good enough burger for me to plan stops there on when I go east of DFW.

      2. The best "whole in the wall" food is this tiny taco place on Hwy. 19-I believe it is called "Parilla Tacos"-it is located right next to the Paul Michael Home Furnishing store. These are the best tacos I've ever had in the whole North/East Texas area-second only to "Torchy's Taco's" down in Austin. The Beef Fajita and Barbacoa tacos are out of this world-they also give you grilled onions, jalapeno's, fresh limes, and a killer sauce to go with them. I have been going to First Monday for 20 years-believe me, this is the best place in Canton for great vendor style tacos :)

        FYI: My Mom lives in Terrell and I visit her often-there are no good places to eat there. Trust me-the are medicore at best. In fact, we will drive to Canton to pick up the Parilla tacos. If you want a burger in Canton, the Dairy Palace is a good choice-a better choice is the "East Texas Burger Company" in downtown Mineola.

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          I know this Taco joint! It is awesome!
          I have also had good Mexican at Ochoa's which is next to the square on 67.
          I hope you are not going to Canton next weekend...? First Monday is in 2 weeks.
          The very best day to go will be FRIDAY, if you can swing it.
          Go VERY early. We leave Dallas at 730am and arrive at 830am.
          Optimally, take a rolling basket or a wagon. If nothing else, take a large shopping bag.

          There is some good food at the Frist Monday grounds... the kebabs are often great, but a little steep at 5.00 each.
          The New Canaan Farm's vendors (2) offer great varieties of jelly/jam/relish. Some are ordinary, some are really great!
          If you see something you like, buy it! Don't wait, it may be gone when you go back!

        2. Take a small cooler w/ice for the return trip and stop at Robertson's Ham (Will's Point exit I think) to pick up a pound or so to bring home. I guess many would call it a tourist trap of sorts (the smokehouse is in Marietta), but they sell ham (sliced, whole and half) which is much better than anything you will find in the local grocery stores (or delis that I'm aware of). I haven't been to the one in WP, but there are several others (N, W & S) that I've stopped at a couple of times. I've had better hams (out of state), but this is worth a stop for a taste, even if you don't buy. If I remember correctly, they will let you taste a slice before you purchasing.


          And if you happen to hit up the catfish place next door, please report back how it is.

          1. Thanks so much for all the great tips. And, oh yeah... Not next weekend. Two weeks from now.