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May 14, 2009 11:40 AM

White asparagus bargain at Viva Grande - New Rochelle

I went there on my twice weekly produce run this morning. The have big bunches of white asparagus, two for a dollar. I've never prepared them, but I couldn't pass them up. They're at the outside market.

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  1. Pat, is Viva Grande the one on Main Street and if so, what is the name of the supposedly larger store, related I think, Rancho Grande maybe? Also, where is the bigger one and is it that much better than the one on main?

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    1. re: laylag

      Sorry to be late with a reply, laylag. Viva Grande is the big one, corner of Huguenot and Centre. I think the one on Main is called Viva Ranch, and it was the first of the two. Both are good. It just depends on which one I happen to be closest to.Viva Grande's outside market has really inexpensive stuff and I'm not sure why, or if they're run but different entities. I love them all!

    2. What area are you talking about??

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        OMG thats such a steal for white asparagus -- if only i knew how to cook it like they do in Amsterdam! so soft and buttery!