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MSP - St. Paul's Payne Avenue

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I was driving up Payne Avenue in St. Paul late last night (no snide comments...I was doing a volunteer thing). Holy cow! It sure had the look of an undiscovered Chowhound nirvana, especially for Mexican food. There are at least a half-dozen intriguing looking taquerias/restaurants with similar look and feel to the sort-of-nearby Manana, which is very good.

Everything was closed at that time so I couldn't pop into any and explore. I don't recall hearing much about anything up there....anyone have any chow tips for this stretch? (Roughly from Yarusso's, which I know about, north past Minnehaha for a couple of miles).

I plan on exploring ASAP, but that's not near my normal stomping grounds so it might be a while.

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  1. I can't wait for your report. I've driven down there several times but end up at Mama's. Let us know what you find.

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      Will do. It might be a little while, but I'll do it.

      With all the St. Paulites and lovers of Manana on here, I was hoping there would already be some intelligence about the area. Anyone?!?

    2. I love driving down Payne Avenue! It's definitely an "eat street" in the making. But I'm sad to say that I haven't tried any place except Manana - yet.

      The mentions of Payne Ave on this board are few and far between, but there are a handful.

      Serlin's Cafe:

      Bymore Tacos

      Bymore Meats (a Mexican carneceria with carnitas and more)

      East Side Thai

      Sui Yep Chow Mein

      Yarusso's & Morelli's Market

      Have fun exploring! I'm looking forward to your Payne Ave reports.