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May 14, 2009 11:23 AM

What to eat at Thattukada

I know a few of you have been to this restaurant before so im asking for suggestions. One thing to note is we do not like really spicy food, some to add to the flavour is fine but not so much it drowns out any other taste.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. I personally don't find anything there to be spicy but I'm a really bad judge of this when compared to most Brits I encounter.

    I'd recommend you tell them about the heat as they can adjust things, but otherwise you could order most anything. The specials list is massive and it changes day to day so ask. The spicier items tend to be the fries and the devilleds. Nothing is off the charts.

    1. Also, there's a HUGE post of stuff to eat there from when I first started going. It includes practically everything I've ever found on their specials menu and everything on the regular menu.

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      1. re: JFores

        Thanks! Do you think we need to book a table on Saturday night? It will only be for 2 or 3 of us.

        Im off to Kerala in Sept so trying to get a taste of the food before we go.

        1. re: Plantie

          Nah, never bother booking. Makes no difference (except when I had my birthday there they were serving 4 regular customers of their's in the owner's car because I had thirty something guests packed into a not so large restaurant.)

          Have fun in Kerala! For some first time visit dishes I'd say try the fish moilly, the netholi fry (less spicy than other fries like the mussel or beef), the appam (to eat the moilly with), and maybe a vegetable thali for one diner. Then you'd have Kerala rice, appam, and kappa to eat your thali items and moilly with. You can just eat the netholi on their own as a starter.

          Always ask what specials they have though.

          1. re: JFores

            Do they use the term "curry" to describe dishes with a tomato-onion-curry leaf sauce, as in Kerala? A good Keralan shrimp curry almost reminds me of Provencal food. In Kerala dishes with a spice mix we'd more likely describe as curries are called masalas.

            1. re: JFores

              Great, thanks!

              I'll give this a go & report back.

              1. re: JFores

                I've just found this place on google by accident, i was looking as to what dish you had reccomended was


                The website looks very similar and also its in East Ham, do you think its run by the same people?

                1. re: Plantie

                  The websites are clearly run by the same people (a company called Designfree) - Justin can confirm but the restaurants I'm almost certain are not. Anyway, the (basic) web menu is not worth dwelling on. just go, they're good people and will look after you tremendously well.

                  1. re: Plantie

                    I'm betting the difference between masala & curry on that menu is as I described.

                    1. re: Peter Cherches

                      the concept of 'curry' is strictly a british invention. in india we use the word to mean gravy. and why certain dishes have the word masala in them - god knows. there is no rational reason why that dish is chicken masala while the other is xacutti.

                      1. re: howler

                        I believe xacutti is a specific Goan sauce that is coconut based, and the name probably comes from Portuguese.

                        1. re: Peter Cherches

                          xacutti is goan, sure.

                          the point is that there is no rule whatsoever along any masala/curry dichotomy in naming dishes whether you're in goa or in lucknow.

                  2. re: JFores

                    Well, i had a lovely time at Thattukada! The food was great, thanks for the reccomendations JFores, they were all delicious.

                    The favourite was the fish Molley & appam. That is my kind of curry, lots of lovely flavours & a nice thick sauce!

                    We will certainly be going again, its just a shame its such a treck for us. We live in Surrey, about 10 mins from Morden so its a long tube ride!

                    1. re: Plantie

                      Glad you liked it! You might want to combine the whole area into a sort of food day once the weather gets nice again. There are a lot of great places along that stretch.

              2. So i went again with some work friends a couple of weeks ago. I dont think they knew what to make of it. Idid warn them that there wouldnt be the "normal" Indian menu that we all get in our local curry house!

                We asked what the specials were & they only had one, chilli beef. I was hoping there would be something with crab in it.

                Between us we had a speacial of chilli beef, devilled chicken, butter chicken (for the person who didnt like spicy food, it was still too hot for her!), egg curry, meat biryani & a fish molley.

                Everything apart from the molly was very good. The molly wasnt as good as our last visit which was a bit of a let down. It didnt have any sultanas or nuts in the sauce.

                The chilli beef was enjoyed so much, another was ordered!

                We are going again tonight with my parents. My dad had a stroke last year (fully recovered!) but he has to be careful with what he eats. He's not allowed large amounts of fats, especially saturated. So its going to be interesting to find something that he can eat which isnt too bad for him!