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May 14, 2009 11:22 AM

Poughkeepsie dinner / party

Hi. I am helping to plan a Bachelorette dinner and Bachelor / Bachelorette party and need some ideas. We are planning to break the evening up into a girls-only dinner and then follow with a much larger party. I am looking for a restaurant / bar that could potentially have both events. Unfortunatly none of the wedding party is local so I don't really know where to begin. Any suggestions?

Most of the folks will be in their 30s or older so I kind of think it should be some place fun but not really crazy. We had the bridal shower at Shadows on the Hudson, if that is any sort of help. Personally I really care about the quality of the food, I am a big locavore and would favor a restaurant using fresh seasonal ingredients, but it will probably come down to atmosphere!

We are willing to travel if need be.

thanks in advance!

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  1. how big would the "much larger" party be? if you had the bridal shower at shadows, i would think that would be the best place for a really large party. you might want to look into artist's palate or, for a more casual setting, cosimo's (near st. francis hospital). if you're willing to travel, you might want to try la puerta azul (great bar area/food) in millbrook or aroma osteria in wappingers.. good luck!

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      thanks for the recs. It is hard to say how much bigger. The groom is from Austria and he will be coming with his family and friends... right now I am thinking it will go from less then 10 people to maybe 25 or 30 people. The Artist's palate looks good and seems to get pretty positive reviews on this site, maybe for the dinner portion and then we could move someplace for after.