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May 14, 2009 11:05 AM

Ice Cream

I received an ice cream maker for Mother's Day. I made the basic vanilla recipe, it turned out pretty good but I want to make something other than the old standards (Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc). Suggestions?

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  1. I love the articles Chow has about using it for a frozen cocktail maker, but if you are clean I recommend adding different inclusion to your ice cream or trying to replicate your favourite store brand flavour!

    1. I like cardamom ice cream. I steep cardamom pods in the milk I use for the custard.

      1. I make a spiced ice cream to go with apple pie

        start with a basic vanilla, and add apple or pumpkin pie spice (steep together with your hot mixture for a bit), or whatever you are in the mood for (I usually add extra cinnamon), cinnamon and nutmeg are pretty good too.

        1. Hi! There are dozens of ice cream threads on this board loaded with great suggestions. If you search this board for "ice cream" and sort by relevance, here's just the beginning of lots of ideas for you. Not enough to mull over? Search "gelato" on this board and even more dairy delight awaits! Last, but not least, here is a link to last year's cookbook of the month (COTM) which featured "The Perfect Scoop" by David Lebovitz. Have fun with your ice cream maker (I do!).

          P.S. Our Williams Sonoma is hosting a free ice cream making demo (next month?)--check your local store to sign up.

          1. i recently made a batch of buttermilk ice cream. It is lighter and a fantastic thing to have in the fridge in the summer. At least we don't feel as bad snacking on this...

            some may not agree but we love ruch reichel's chocolate ice cream in epicurious.

            There is also a poached banana ice cream we frequent. poach 3 or 4 ripe bananas in your hot cream, let it sit, remove and discard. You should eat this with some nice hot fudge.

            you could also stir in caramel, fleur de sal dark caramel, chocolate sauce or berry puree to your fav. vanilla mix.

            when peaches come in season, make a peach ice cream or mango ice cream...

            there is always frozen fage yogurt and some berries we have in season right now. yum!

            this coconut cherry coconut yogurt concoction is what i'm going to try next:

            and of course you can make margaritas and sorbets.

            i could go on forever...

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              I have to try frozen Fage. Do you put your own "stuff" in it or just freeze whatever flavor you like? I am so stuck on their peach!