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May 14, 2009 11:04 AM

Food on TGV from CDG to Avignon?

We'll be taking the TGV from CDG to Avignon next week. Any suggestions re possibilities re food/snacks to bring on train? Is it possible to provision a picnic breakfast/brunch in CDG before taking the train? Any information would be welcome. Many thanks.

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  1. Lots of food stands at the train stations. I love a baguet with thin ham and cheese. You can buy some wine on the train. Nice way to spend a couple of hours.


    1. I also am apt to get a baguette with ham for the train. food at CDG is not gourmet.

      1. Hello,

        CDG is an awfull place to eat or buy food. If you have time between the plane and the train take the RER, go to Paris (stop at chatelet or Luxembourg ) and shop in a bakery (good sandwich and cake) or in a little supermarket like monoprix or franprix (where you can find food and wine). Don't count on the food in the train they are often on strike! (for example today if you took the train to go to the west of France, normandy, you couldn't eat because they are on strike!).
        You also can buy good stuff in any train station on the way. If your train stops for more than 2 minutes, run outside the station, you will find a boulangerie where you will be able to buy correct sandwiches and soft drinks, if you are lucky, next to that you will find a small store where you can find wine or beer. Often in france around the train station there are these kinds of shops (I know, I use them a lot!).
        If you have no time at CDG and your train is direct, bring everything with you from home!

        Hope this is helpful.

        Have a nice trip.

        1. Your best bet is to find a 'Paul" bakery at CDG (there are a number). I believe they are the only ones to sell true take away food. They will have filled baguettes, tartes ect so you could get a decent picnic together. I can't recall any shops to buy wine, all the ones I know are in departures on the airside, and most terminals don't mix arriving and departing passengers )I assume you are international). Wine on the train is a lottery.
          I wouldn't get off the train and head out to shop - seems very risky to me. After all how do you know how long the stop will be?

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            I'm with Phil -- Paul is your best call in CDG, and it's not even bad.

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              Thanks for the good suggestions. The ham and cheese baguette, with wine if we can get it, and maybe some fruit sounds like a plan! I'll let you all know how we get on.