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May 14, 2009 10:57 AM

Pre-soaking Pork Neck

I'm making gamjatang (Korean pork bone soup). I usually soak the pork neck for 2-3 hours to get rid of the blood. If I soaked them for 10-12 hours, will that have a negative effect on the flavour? I don't have time to wait for the necks to soak after work and before dinner, and I have company coming over!! I want to just stick them in my fridge the night before or the morning of

Thanks =)

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  1. Currently in the same situation. Old post, but I put pork neck bones for gamjatang in the fridge this morning. Will post back on the results for posterity. I doubt there will be a discernible difference.

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      Could you post your gamjatang recipe?

    2. I forgot about this. Follow up:
      - There was no difference. If anything, I was pleased that I got rid of all that blood.
      She is a lovely lady who posts good recipes that are very easy to follow! I've since added my own twists (I like putting bok choy in mine for the flavour, even though I'm sure it bastardizes it in most people's eyes, I add a looooot more spice than she does because I like it hot hot hot).