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May 14, 2009 10:53 AM

Chicken Fried Steak near Agoura Hills

Any rec's for chicken fried steak near Agoura Hills?

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    1. re: jillso

      Looks good, jillso, and only about 5 miles from Agoura Hills. When was the last time you were there? I'll have to remember it for the next time I'm out that way at breakfast time.

      Harold's House of Omelettes
      2440 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

    2. In the grand scheme of the chicken fried steak spectrum I really haven't found anything really great near Agoura Hills, but oddly enough I recently had the chicken fried steak at the Chili's in Westlake Village and it wasn't horrible.

      With that said, as long time Chowhound I feel compelled to also state that I despise Chili's and all similar franchises as a matter of principal, and would never willingly eat there unless no other alternative was available. Sorry, I'd have to return my Chowhound decoder ring if I didn't say that.