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May 14, 2009 10:49 AM

Bakery recommendation needed

I will be traveling from Maryland through New Jersey to Connecticut this weekend to visit with an ill cousin. To cheer him up we need to get some great cake. He really likes the old style buttery Jewish or Italian bakery stuff - Babka, coffecake, rum cake, etc. BTW he grew up in Brooklyn.

Any recommendations? All help greatly appreciated

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  1. try Heisler's Bakery on North Avenue (Street?) in New Rochelle if you're coming up the Hutchinson River Parkway.

    It would be easier to make a recommendation if you told us which route you were taking (and where you're heading in CT)

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    1. re: hungrykids

      Yes, North Avenue just past Quaker Ridge Road.

      1. re: roxlet

        Ooops, should have included more travel detail. The end point is Ridgefield, CT. We will take the New Jersey Turnpike, cross the George Washington Bridge, take I87 and then the Cross County Expwy. Willing to deviate for a good bakery - it needs to be open on Sunday afternoon.

        1. re: rcooperman

          If you are really looking for that good jewish or italian stuff, you should probably stop in Yonkers or the Bronx. I don't think you'll find it in Ridgefield!!! Maybe someone has some specifics on that.

          1. re: wincountrygirl

            Yes, agreed, clearly Ridgefield is not the place to look, my cake deprived cousin who lives there concurs - that is why I probed this list. A Yonkers/Bronx target would be great.

          2. re: rcooperman

            Ridgefield is definitely NOT the place to find what you're looking for in terms of a "jewish" bakery. You missed Balducci's by a couple of weeks - they just closed their store here!

            However, Parma Market & Bakery is a good Italian bakery on Route 35 in Ridgefield. (From the center of town, follow Rte 35 past the new Walgreens in the small strip shopping center with Mailboxes Etc. and Ridgefield Family Hair Care. If you get to Starbucks you've gone too far.) I don't know if they are open on Sunday afternoons.

            Also, Ancona's Market has good Italian baked goods....It's located at the far end of Route 102 (Branchville Road), just before it meets Route 7. They are definitely open on Sunday afternoon.

            FYI - (and yes, moderators, I know it sees like I'm off topic, but stick with me) - from the GW Bridge I would take the Henry Hudson to the Cross County instead of 87. From the Cross County you can pick up the Hutch to 684 to 35. Where the Henry Hudson meets the Cross County you'll be passing Yonkers. There must be a good bakery there - but I don't know what to recommend. There used to be a really well-known one in Eastchester/Scarsdale (up the Hutch)....I can't remember the name, but if you repost a request specific to Eastchester and Yonkers I'm sure you'll get suggestions.

            1. re: hungrykids


              One minor tweek

              Take Henry Hudson to the Saw Mill to The Cross County.

              And if your route is the Hutch (whic turns into the Merritt) to the Merritt (instead of the 684 path) here are some other points.

              Once you cross over the CT line the chance of a good Jewish bakery between the NY/CT border and Ridgefield is exactly ZIPPO. Babka? Jfood waits until he vists his MIL in FL for that treat.

              There are two very good bakery, though, about 2 miles off of the Merritt (one off exit 35, the other off exit 36) if you need the directions. One is very good for breads, the other has great chocolate cakes.

              Enjoy our little part of America and safe travels.

      2. If you don't mind a detour into NYC I would say just go to Zabars on the UWS and get everything you need in 1 place...not that far from the GWB and on Sundays the traffic is light. Just stay on the lower level of the GWB and take the Henry Hudson Pkwy south (West Side Highway) to the 79th Street exit. Zabars is the block on Broadway between 80th and 81st. That's where I go to get my chocolate babka fix.

        1. Cerbone's in Rye Brook for old style Italian

          1. If you are willing to take two small detours off of the last exit off The New Jersey Turnpike, (Exit 18), just before the George Washington Bridge.....there are two very well regarded Italian Bakeries in Ridgefield and both are easily accessible and minutes off of State Highway Route 46.


            Rispoli Pastry Shop
            824 Broad Ave Ste C
            Ridgefield, NJ 07657



            Both bakeries are known for their pastries, butter cookies and especially wedding cakes.....personally, I give an edge to Rispoli's myself.

            A further detour, about ten minutes from either Rispoli's or Palermo's is B & W Bakery which is known to have a the best Coffee Cake in the area.



            For Jewish bakeries....... Teaneck, NJ and Cedar Lane is your best bet. Again, it's just before the GWB at Exit 70B and 5-10 minutes from any of the other bakeries. ButterFlake is the the most popular that I know of.


            While I know there are great bakeries in New York, the convenience of Bergen County and the easy on oand off highway access is worth considering. All the bakeries I have mentioned have convenient parking on the street, their own lots or municipal lots. When I worked for the premiere Kosher Caterer/Caterer in the NY/NJ area, we purchased all the Italian pastries from Rispoli's and the most requested Wedding Cakes were also from Rispoli's as well.

            I hope this helps.

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            1. re: fourunder

              Yes,Teaneck for the jewish stuff is a great idea, as is your Ridgefield rec!!!

              1. re: fourunder

                Not sure if this was apparent or not, but the OP is referring to Ridgefield, Connecticut, so I'm guessing this would be a detour for them.

                1. re: Cheese Boy


                  I realize the comments have been about Ridgefield, CT, but what does it matter if it is apparent or not, or to the relevance to my suggestions? The OP is traveling through NJ on the NJ Turnpike. All of my suggestions are minutes off the Turnpike just before having to cross the GWB. The fact that I mentioned one place in Ridgefield, the same township name is coincidence.. The other place is in Ridgefield Park, a different township altogether. Both are along the route the OP has specified they will be taking.

                  Willing to deviate for a good bakery - it needs to be open on Sunday afternoon.

                  This should explain my suggestions....

                  1. re: fourunder

                    Relax please. It wasn't an attack on you. I was pointing this out just in case another reader might have mistaken the location in haste.

                    1. re: Cheese Boy

                      You have little faith in reading comprehension....;-)

                      1. re: Cheese Boy

                        I didn't mistake the location, Cheese Boy. I knew the OP was traveling through Jersey and I know there is a Ridegield there as well.

                        1. re: wincountrygirl

                          Thank you, THANK YOU ever so much. A solid bunch of great suggestions with enough info to find them. We will be ecumenical and get both Jewish and Italian bakery products whilst enroute to Ridgefield , CT. Of course we will also munch on our way back.

                          Will provide a full report.

                2. Thank you, THANK YOU!! With your expert help my Bakery Mission was successfully completed. We bought a dozen absolutely yummy Italian pastries at Rispoli's in Ridgefield Park and a world class cinnamon Babka - the only true Babka - at Heisler's in New Rochelle. My ill cousin was greatly cheered and will be able to munch the left overs for days. Alas these two bakeries were closed for my return trip on Monday..

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                  1. re: rcooperman

                    If you go again and are on the Cross County you can get off at exit 7, make a left and go to Fleetwood Bakery on Gramatan Avenue. Great butter cookies and also italian pastries. Then you can get right back on at Exit 7 and continue with your trip.