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May 14, 2009 10:30 AM

A Graduation Situation - Hamilton

I need your advice. I am graduating on June 15th in Hamilton and my family is coming up from Windsor for the day. We need a place to celebrate later that evening. The parameters are:

- Around the Hamilton/Brantford area (have GPS, will travel)
- No thai, chinese, sushi etc (My parents aren't overly adventurous eaters)
- Not very expensive (around $12-15 entrees)
- Semi-formal so we don't feel out of place all dressed up
- Not a seafood place (I'm horribly allergic :( )
- Must be open on a Monday

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Maybe La Spaghett on Upper James? Last time I went, a couple years ago, most entrées were $10 or less and it was pretty decent.

    1. The Black Forest Inn on King just east of downtown offers German/Central European food in that price range. The big drawback would be that they don't take reservations and on a graduation weekend, there would likely be a lineup.

      1. The Ancaster Old Mill would be nice, although the prices probably a little too high for what you are lookin for (I can't remember what their lunch prices are like).

        La Cantina on Walnut could work. When I graduated from Mac I went to Spencer's on the Waterfront in Burlington (associated with the Old Mill). There is also Bistro 1010 in Westdale, although I haven't tried that place in years.

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          I'm pretty sure Ancaster Old Mill is out of the price range.

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            Thanks for all the help so far! Any other suggestions would be great!

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              I work at McMaster and just graduated from there last year. The parameters that you listed take away a ton of potential great spots in Hamilton. Being a monday, there are many great restaurants that are closed. (La Cantina, Pastacino, Maccheroni's) I'm assuming you are graduating either at the convention centre or MAC so here are a list of places that meet your requirements and are within a ten minute drive.

              1. La Luna - 3 locations in hamilton and burlington, Lebanese food, but its all GREAT!!! Salads, Chicken, Beef and Vegie dishes. You will not be disappointed. Probably around 14-16$ per entree.
              2. Valentino's Place - King street West, 5 mins from MAC... Great Pizza, Pasta and desserts, check their website to make sure they are open mondays
              3. The Beaver and Bulldog - decent pubfare food on Upper James

              Honestly, I would never recommend Boston Pizza, Pizza Hut, Kelsey's or Montana's, but for your price-range, food style and monday, they may be your best option other than the 3 I mentioned above. But seriously, check out La Luna online and the reviews on, I can put down my guarantee that the whole family will find something there that they like.

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                The Brantford thing caught my eye as there are so few posts on my hometown.

                In town, Speekezzies (cal-Ital?) on Fairview may work in your parameters - some entrees may be slightly above your price range but the wood fired pizzas are pretty tasty and fall just below what you are looking to spend.

                My SO and I have had several good meals there - and dressed up / dressed down both work. AND, according to the website they are open on Mondays.

                Good luck and congrats.

                Speekezzies Caf
                415 Fairview Dr, Brantford, ON N3R7M3, CA

          2. How about something inexpensive and nice? I would recommend Incognito on John St as my first choice, but it's closed Mondays.

            The place that would totally fit your criteria if youa re willing to go for $15-20ish per entree is Bistro Paresien on James St S. It's casual, but elegant (a bistro in the truest sense!)

            Another one is close to McMaster in Westdale: 1010 Bistro. All entrees less than $20 and it's a nice atmosphere with good food.

            La Cantina is another good suggestion.

            Make a reservation as it's likely going to be a busy weekend.

            Have fun !