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May 14, 2009 10:30 AM

Horsemeat in Belgium

Where do I go to get it?

This is a semi duplicate of the other thread I created, but I figured the subject was unique enough to warrant it. I would very much like to try horse.

And if at all possible I don't want to bust my bank doing it.

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  1. At a butcher, at a lot of restaurants ... it's not especially hard to find, nor particularly expensive. If you want it prepared for you, you might to better to try to find restaurants you want to eat at, then figure out if they have it on the menu. Or if you're happy to cook, go to a market and look for a butcher with a sign saying "Viande chevaline".

    1. I've seen it for sale at Carrefour and GB grocery stores in Belgium. It's sold in round thin slices like sandwich meat.