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What do you think is the most romantic patio in Toronto?

In your opinion...what is it?

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  1. Julie's Cuban on Dovercourt.

    1. Lol, NOW Magazine has their Patio Guide out today if anyone wants some prompting:

      But in my opinion, I really like Auberge Du Pommier and George for romance. The rooftop on the Fifth is nice too, but not quite as quaint/cozy. Maybe when the plastic comes off.

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        I should point out that I'm biased as Julie's patio was where my girlfriend and I went on our first date.

      2. The Rooftop Patio at the Hyatt -- but I'm biased too as that's where my husband and I had our first date AND got engaged there 14 months later.

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          Sometimes the company can make anywhere romantic.

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            As does one's personal definition. I find most patios too busy to really fit my definition, since I consider privacy romantic. The Rooftop is lovely...at sunset, on a clear day with the light hitting all of the downtown landmarks just so...I can see how some would find it incredibly romantic. But with the bustling chatter of people out for drinks after work and tourists taking pictures of the view, it feels more Fabulous to me than Romantic. I once had a date on the back patio at the Queen Mother Cafe - there was only one other table occupied on the patio, and it was a rainy Sunday evening. Candle on the table, raindrops overhead, able to have a comfortable, quiet conversation. That's my kinda romance.

            I always enjoy threads like this, because it's fun to see what different people think of as romantic....

        2. Another vote for the Fifth... luxe oasis above the fray of the entertainment district. Amuse-Bouche has a pretty little front garden that still manages to feel like a secret. Of course you can't beat the Roof Lounge!

          1. Biagio on King St E at Jarvis (in historic St. Lawrence Hall) has a lovely patio.

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              george has a great patio...try it....

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                There is a wonderful patio at the "Intercontinental Hotel" on Bloor Street West (west of Avenue Road)....Lots of greenery, linen cloths and the tables are nicely spaced...has a 'luxe' feel! For a family patio I would choose two places, "Roma" on Bloor at Gladstone and the patio at the back of "Barraida" on College Street west of Shaw Street. These latter two are lively, they welcome children, oldsters and neighbourhood folks. I, personally dislike the 'scene' places (Diplomatico, By the Way)...perhaps because we're a bit older and less inclined to be 'hanging out' as opposed to having a meal/bite to eat..find them to be very noisy, particularly the Dip. "Boba" also had a nice ambience and even though it was right on Avenue Road, it managed a quiet vibe....

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                  Sorry about the above post...I was just thinking of 'nice' patio's and forgot about the 'romantic' part of 'stoned toronto's' question.....I don 't think any of the places I mentioned are 'romantic' by any stretch of the imagination!

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                There are those that think romance might be defined as a long term thing as opposed to a short term success rate. Hemingways falls into the latter category. For the former, I'd suggest Grano.

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                  :) the original poster (stonedtoronto) didn't specify!

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                    I'd describe the environment at Hemingway's as sleazy and cheesy, not short-term romantic! Maybe the worst restaurant food in Toronto, too. And sangrias that taste like grape Fruitopia mixed with cheap wine. Blech!

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                      I was trying to be diplomatic for a change. Short-term romance could be elaborated on to mean vinyl-clad lounge lizards looking to forget their suburban marriages for a couple of hours. More mole/trolls than cougars.

              2. Maybe I am thinking something impossible, but a patio with the privacy of The Corner House, but the views of Panorama.

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                  I think the closest to that would have been one of the cabanas at The Fifth. I haven't been there for about 4 years now but at the time, it was stunningly romantic.

                  If you're looking for privacy and a view, the rooftop bar at the Park Hyatt during off-peak hours would be great. Ultra used to have a great patio as well, same with The Spoke - not sure about the privacy quotient at either, though.

                2. Agree George is romantic.

                  The Boulevard Cafe has a lovely patio if you like Peruvian food.

                  111 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M5C 1S2, CA

                  Boulevard Cafe
                  161 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1H1, CA

                  1. The Fat Cat Wine Bar in the west end.

                    Fat Cat Wine Bar
                    331 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2M8, CA

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                      Have to say I was impressed by the taste of Fat Cat's raclette, peri peri shrimps, mixed olives and sauteed rapini, but the portions were the tiniest small plates I've ever seen. Smaller portions than Nyood, Kultura, Lee, JKWB, Cava, you name it. 3 shrimp, maybe 4 baby potatoes quartered, and about a handful of cooked rapini. Luckily, the prices are low- moderate so you don't feel completely gouged, but good thing I wasn't super hungry!

                      1. re: phoenikia

                        You know, I totally agree with you. While their plates are well thought out and executed, I have never left that place full. That may serve the romantic atmo well as it would be conducive to a little hand holding across the table, a good get-to-know-you conversation while swirling a glass of wine without the complications of concentrating of big plates of food. There's nothing like serving somebody else tiny itty bitty food!
                        I actually remember that back patio when it was a home and garden store. The store owner had created the most exquisite little city garden oasis to showcase his wares among ferns, antique and weathered urns. I was sad to see it go but I think Fat Cat has respectfully maintained it's quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

                    2. Olivia's at Fifty-Three. Hands down. Beautiful cherry tree with vines covering the entire area... it's like a private picnic with your lover!

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                        Was at the back hidden patio at Peter Pan the other night. Totally closed off from Queen street or any streets for that matter. Trees canopy the whole area. About 10 tables or so on a flagstone deck. Very nice. Like a little gen in the heart of Queen West.