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May 14, 2009 10:24 AM

Any "destination" restaurants in JH?

Was wondering if there are any destination restaurants in JH. --Places that would be worthy of a visit for people living in Manhattan or other boroughs. Sri comes to mind, but it's really in Woodside. None of the Indian restaurants I've tried here are memorable.

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  1. I've liked Dehli's a bit more upscale then the others and has a broad menu including indian-chinese.

    Also, Mustang Thakali Kitchen is great and very unique.

    1. I think Zabb can be as good as Sripraphai if you stick to the Isan (Northeast Thai/Lao) specialties.

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      1. No, I don't believe anything in little india is worth a destination....
        Some like Spicy Mina, but I cannot comment...

        Something oustanding, worth a 45 minute trip?
        Thai: I like ayada - a lot. Zabb is very good, but for me not as much of a destination place. spicy shallot is a great date place, but destination? ehhh. maybe something in elmhurst like nusara or taste good.

        walking down roosevelt ave past the arepa lady and into something like taqueria coatzingo or hornado ecuatoriano (both have 2 locations).

        delhi heights is pretty respectable. I like their buffet and al naimet (b/c of the biryani) the best.

        Some of the steakhouses might be worth the trip. la fusta or portena.

        some of the peruvian places along northern are pretty good, but is it worth the walk from roosevelt? debatable.

        oh, and the new mecca of tortillas in corona, tortilleria nixtamal. but that's corona. Just move here, it will make these choices a lot simpler.

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