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May 14, 2009 10:18 AM

Searching for lavender chamomile tea (dry).

I'm looking for a good lavernder chamomile tea that I can make at home, but have not seen it in any of my usual suspect specialty stores. Does anyone have any suggestions? Possibly a store that focuses on dry teas?

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  1. Have you tried Kalustyan's? Also Alice's Tea Cup has a pretty extensive collection of loose teas, they might have it or know where you can find it.

    I've gotten some interesting teas from the online store Adagio (, and they can do customs blends too. (As a side note, I LOVE their wild strawberry herbal tea!)

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      Kalustyan's does sell lavender separately; I just mix it with some camomile flowers or tea and it comes out find.

      1. re: markabauman

        Ah, Kalustyan's! Sometimes I think they might be the answer to every odd culinary sourcing question. Thank you for the advice!