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May 14, 2009 09:46 AM


We will be at Degustation for the first time soon and looking forward to it. I have seen comments about small portion size. Is the 5 course Chef's Menu enough for a "normal" /average appetite? Special dishes not to miss? Comments and guidance appreciated

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  1. Yes, it's enough. If you are still hungry, it's tapas- order more!

    I loved the "tortilla."

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      Thanks, Julietg! I will be sure to try the tortilla.

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        i went about 2 weeks ago for the 2nd time...first time was in 2007 and i was frankly underwhelmed.

        this time around, i liked it for what it was but personally, the food is not top quality and not amazing either. on the recent menu, my favorite dish was a fried sepia, squid ink risotto and garlic aioli...not exactly high end stuff. i had two orders of the foie on flatbread and spices...just a simple terrine...

        the wine list is also way overpriced with mid quality tempranillos for 3-4x the price.

        service was good though and we had a nice time chatting with the people next to us and the chef.

    2. If you are a big eater, the 5-course may not be sufficient, and if you end up adding courses, it could cost as much as the 10-course. The 5-course is made up of dishes from the a la carte menu. I would strongly advise ordering the 10-course, which includes many dishes not on the menu. It is a great value at $75, and includes an amuse and usually they've given us an extra course. You will definitely not leave hungry. The wines are not inexpensive, but we have had some very good ones for around $60.

      1. Finally got back to Degustation last week. Been several times. Didn't have a reservation, just wandered over after 8 pm. It remains a good value at $50 for the five course tasting menu. Same excellent service. They graciously adjusted the menu since I don't eat red meat. Still not a place for desserts (they have one). No coffee service. Now on to the food:

        *Soup - sorry forgot details since last week
        *Tasmanian sea trout, morel mushrooms, ramps, quinoa, black olive bread crumbs
        *Chopitos, squid ink risotto, garlic aioli, fresh herbs
        *Grilled quail, beets, candied pistachio, ginger
        *Carmelized torija (the carmelized brioche that has been raved about in recent posts) accompanied with fresh grapefruit and orange sections - simple, delicious, not amazing IMO

        I was quite full by now but can never resist their cheese course (+$15). The accompaniments (raw honey, etc.) are so good.

        Degustation remains consistently good and a great value.

        1. bobbyh, did you go yet? How was your experience?