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May 14, 2009 09:37 AM

Metro Detroit- Fried Chicken

Saw this topic for another City but couldn't find a topic for best or at least recommended fried chicken in the metro Detroit area. So where does one go for really good fried chicken? I have never been that overwhelmed with anything I have tried here.

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  1. I haven't been in a year or two, but Southern Fires in Detroit was always some of the best fried chicken I could find in the metro area. Always moist, and the coating had a really flavorful blend of spices.

    Southern Fire
    575 Bellevue St, Detroit, MI 48207

    1. If Ypsilanti qualifies as Metro Detroit, look no further than Haab's Restaurant on Michigan Ave in downtown Ypsi. Get the chicken in a basket. It's served with shoestring fries and a biscuit. I think that it used to be called "Chicken in the Rough" which used to be a sort of franchise/licensee thing that is now defunct. But Haab's still makes it the same way. It is by far the BEST fried chicken I have had. Hot, crispy, juicy perfection.

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        Here's a *strong* second for Haab's!!!! You can't go wrong with anything there but, yes, the chicken is simply amazing.

        The deal with "Chicken in the Rough" , from what I understand, is that the franchise was for a long time largely lifeless. But it passed to new, aggressive ownership that wanted to revive it some years back. "Aggressive" in this case apparently meant cheapening the process and the ingredients used by franchisees. Haab's would have none of that, so they parted ways and "Chicken in the Rough" morphed into "Chicken in a basket". (If anything they have managed to even improve on the original since then, which was great to begin with) And so gone was the golf-playing rooster on their bar-area wall as well as all related CITR knick-knacks and accoutrements (of which there were no small number). I was sad to see these things go that had been there for so many years and had become so embedded within the nostalgia and ethos of Haab's, but they were sacrificed in the name of quality, so they have my utmost respect.

      2. If I say Popeye's will I get thumped?

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          'If I say Popeye's will I get thumped?"

          Yup! With a Chicken shack leg. LOL
          It's oven fried but has any one tried the chicken in the Kings Court at Canterbury Village? Good stuff.

        2. My favorite was always Guernsey Farms Dairy in Northville.

          Guernsey Farms Dairy
          21300 Novi Rd, Northville, MI 48167

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            I was just there last night, not for the fried chicken, but for the smoothest ice cream that I can honestly cite. It's really something special, and *totally* worth supporting.

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              The Guernsey's are nice people as well as having great products. 15 years ago Mr. Guernsey was still making restaurant deliveries in the Northville area. IMO their milk is so much better than many of the other products in the area.

              1. re: qajohn

                I can heartily second Guernsey. Ate there last night, and had their "mixed" broasted chicken dinner, meaning breast and thigh. It came with choice of sides (I had coleslaw which was decent and made with fresh cabbage) and potato. I had mashed potatoes and gravy. The potatoes are definitely the real deal, and I'm pretty sure the gravy was homemade.

                The chicken itself was flawless. Crisp, hot, and juicy with the right amount of seasoning. As I posted earlier, my highest rating goes to Haab's, but this was 95% as good. Haab's has less seasoning, which is my preference, and just lets the frying shine though. But Guernsey is well worth a trip. The dinner included a scoop of ice cream, and I had the best butter pecan I've ever had. Perfectly creamy with salty pecans. This place will definitely become a regular stop for simple, homemade food.

                1. re: charlesbois

                  If you are ever downriver, check out The Wishbone, on Ecorse rd. in Allen Park. They have broasted chicken *to die for*. I would have a tough time deciding the proverbial "if you could pick only one" question between them and Haab's.

                  I have had the Guernsey stuff before, and it's not bad gotta check out The Wishbone.

              2. although it just a carry out joint I would highly recommend Lee's Famous Chicken on Ann Arbor road between Main and Lilly

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                1. re: Mfarr

                  I grew up on Lee's and I have nothing but fond memories of it. I might have to slide over that way soon.

                  1. re: JanPrimus

                    Lee's is all right, it's better than KFC but I prefer Popeye's as far as national chains go. There ya go, Fritter.