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May 14, 2009 09:26 AM

Sunday Jazz Brunch: any with good food?

OK, not a real Sunday brunch person here, but I've been elected to select one for 8 people. From the standpoint of the best food, where gets the vote? I had thought of Commander's, of course, but eliminated Two Sisters (from most accounts.) Anybody been to Arnaud's Sun. brunch? (like their spicy remoulade but not had much else) ...Fitzmorris touts it all the time as the best, for what it's worth... Thanks in advance!

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  1. In this case, don't listen to Fitzmorris. I would have to say Commander's HANDS DOWN! Even if you are not into "brunch" per se, they have other entrees served that will probably suit your tastes. Some recommendations you may enjoy are the turtle soup, the oyster and absinthe dome(P & J Oysters poached w artichoke, bacon, absinthe cream sauce in a puffy pastry shell and quite heavenly), the bourbon Mississippi quail, and the bread pudding. They also offer both a roasted and a seared fish entree, as well as beef tournedos, so you can veer more towards the lunch entrees rather than brunch. Also be sure to try one of their fabulous Bloodys! Garden Room seating is best and the person making the reservation may want to request this. Enjoy!

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      Commander's. Consider Galatoire's. They serve their regular (not a brunch) menu on Sunday.

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          Perhaps we have reached a consensus here?

          1. Muriels was great this past Mother's Day.

            1. Commander's absolutely! And leave yourself plenty of time for a long, lovely experience!