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May 14, 2009 09:26 AM

Best NE summer food festivals? Music/other activities also a pro!

Putting my "staycation" calendar together and was wondering if there are some local niche food-related festivals in NE that are underattended and deserving of more attention- Anyone have a suggestion or two?

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  1. A few years ago we attended a nearby church's Fiddler's picnic. It was also a potluck supper. People brought lawn chairs and enjoyed the music. Some of the fiddlers were very young, others very experienced and had won awards. This was at a church in Canterbury NH but sorry, I can't remember what time of the year, perhaps August.

    1. Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine, is all local and organic. There are lots of activities for everyone, and all the food there is great. Lamb K-bobs, awesome french fries, lots of cider, etc. It last for three days towards the end of September.

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        1. Not under attended in fact very popular.

          Ethnic food and music:

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            Awesome ethnic food and music - we try not to ever miss the Lowell Fold Fest.

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              I'll second that... the Festival should not be missed. The price is right (free) and the variety of food available is excellent.

            2. It's not until October, but there is the Garlic & Arts Festival in Orange, MA: