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May 14, 2009 09:14 AM

Groceries in the Adirondacks?

Hi Folks,
Will be travelling from Toronto, Ontario, to upper Saranac Lake, in the Adirondacks, tomorrow, and would like to find a decent grocery store or farm market with options like local seasonal produce, locally-raised meat, good cheese selection, etc.. to stock up for the cottage this weekend.
Any suggestions will be cherished.

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  1. We stayed outside of Saranac Lake last year and the grocery store in town, an IGA i think, was ok but not great for food and I don't remember seeing much local food in the store. There was a farmer's market in town on Saturday mornings which was quite good, We were there in July though and it looks like it doesn't open until June.

    There is a good Restaurant called the Eat and Meet which served local food. You could ask them if they know where to go this time of year.

    Maybe your best bet would be to head over to the Lake Placid area and scout around. Good luck!

    1. Price Chopper in Lake Placid.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. Here's what actually happenned for the grocery collection:
        Along the highway, there were ample stands selling fresh asparagus and eggs. We also stopped in Potsdam to obtain gas, and secretly, so that we could stop by the Potsdam Food Co-Op. There, we scooped up fresh and organic produce, like swiss chard, more asparagus, applewood smoked bacon, and organic milk, cream, and cheese. Attached tot he Potsdam Food Co-Op is also a lovely artisanal bakery, where we obtained loaves of sourdough, farmer's bread, and whole wheat sandwich loaf. We also stopped at a restaurant/café/icecream parlor called "Scoopalicious." Aside from featuring the most extensive selection of house-made gelato, hard ice-cream, frozen custard, frozen yogourt, and soda shoppe drinks, the owner also sells his own free-range grain-fed Black Angus beef, from his family farm, Windy Point Farms. We made off with all-beef franks, 4 oz. frozen burger patties, and a couple of rib steaks.....
        While climbing Porter Mountain, I couldn't resist harvesting a few of the tender green fiddleheads that were poking out from the trails (which, I reasoned to myself, I had crushed underfoot anyways.....) to make fiddlehead-parmesean-smoked bacon quiche...
        In all, a successful food foraging trip to Saranac Lake!

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          Sounds like a neat experience. The Co-op sounds great and a lucky and exciting find for the area. We stayed in Long Lake this year and the grocery store there sources some "local" (farms over by Glens Falls) produce that were really good. Late July / Early August so there was excellent corn, apricots, green beans and plums. Plus the staff is really nice. The Long Lake farmer's market didn't have any farmers though... or at least didn't by the time we got there. Probably around 11:30 am.