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May 14, 2009 09:13 AM

Is there a restaurant in town that serves moving, living food?

I was inspired by Jonathan Gold's account of the time he ate a live prawn at the Living Fish Center in LA. You can here the account here, it starts at ~11:50

He had this experience at a Korean restaurant, but I'm curious about the notion of eating anything that's obviously alive and moving (I feel as though oysters often are live (maybe not?), but they're a bit far removed and generally immobile). It would be an interesting experience to look into the eyes of a wriggling prawn before eating it!

Any suggestions on that topic would be welcome!

Also, does anyone know of any generally "bizarre" restaurants in town? I have a friend in town who enjoys pushing the limits of dining and he's looking for any recommendations of strange dining options, preferably ones that are specific to NYC but I think just being strange and "out there" would be enough. We're going to WD50 tonight which seems to intrigue him, if you'd like to use that as a touchstone. But feel free to go beyond that since it doesn't strike me as being too outre!

Thanks for any input on either topic!

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  1. i remember on an episode of "bizarre foods" he went to a sushi place called jewel bako. they had live lobster sashimi. i remember reading somewhere a bit ago that the head sushi chef left so i don't know if the same menu or quality remains.

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      Kanoyama and Ushiwakamaru have had live lobster sashimi in the past, but it's one of those limited, daily special items. Call in advance to inquire.

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        Kanoyama definitely serves live shrimp. I saw it last week. Kinda surprising if you're not expecting to see it pulsing inside it's shell and the antennae moving.

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          kanoyama also has live shrimp on occasion, and jewel bako occasionally still has live lobster, I had blue fin tuna eyeball at kano yama that would surely fit the bill, also shirako ( some sushi chefs call it male fish eggs) at 15 east or Azabu might work .

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            I've had raw lobster in asia, but not live. Had raw crab at Sripraphai in Queens, I did not like it at all. Live or "drunk" snails I've had in China and got violently ill, not sure if that's available here. About a week after that I went to dinner with a different group and one guy got real pissed about the same snails, "they make you sick" he told me, only a few days too late.

            Korean sashimi is different kinds of white fish, taken from a tank live, and ends up on your plate within minutes. I've had it in Korea, it's fine but the types of fish they use have little flavor and are often tough. Nothing bad about it, just bland. Probably can be had somewhere.

        2. Tailor is supposed to be out there. I haven't heard about it for a while so hope it's still going!

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            I don't think they serve anything that is still alive at Tailor, at least, there was nothing on the menu indicating so when I was there a few weeks ago.

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            1. There's an eating club in NY called Gastronauts (google it) - Very unfortunately, they don't report back on their site after the meals (alas!) but the descriptions each month before the meal, I believe, will yield up some "live food" adventures!

              1. WeirdFoodClub has great videos from Sik Gaek in Flushing, Queens where you can get live octopus sashimi or live octopus hot pot.