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May 14, 2009 08:39 AM

Tahini advice, please

I've always kept my tahini in the fridge. Is this necessary? I find that in the fridge it has a tendency to develop lumps.

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  1. Since sesame seeds become stale over time when unrefrigerated, i would expect the same of tahini. I suppose it depends on how fast you go through it.

    1. I'm wondering if it doesn't "develop" lumps but merely appears lumpy when it's cold? Similar to sesame oil or olive oil. In that case you could spoon out the approximate amount needed into a bowl and let it come up to room temp. (?)

      1. I've been keeping my Tahini in the cupboard. I just used some yesterday and it seemed fine. No lumps, but the oil does separate somewhat.

        1. I keep it in the fridge. Tahini will go rancid, and I don't use it up fast enough to keep in the cupboard. Helps if you can remember to take it out about an hour before using so it is easy to stir back together.

          1. I keep mine in the fridge...I'm in Florida and don't want it to go cost me some $$ this past time to buy it...I think the price has increased. The container I bought before this one was Joyva and I didn't put it in the fridge ... but every time I used it, I had to stir the lumps out. This time, with this new container keeping it in the fridge seems to keep it blended better and I don't have to stir lumps out every time I use it.