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May 14, 2009 08:06 AM

Good food near Salt Palace, Salt Lake City

I will be attending a conference in SLC in June, and am looking for good, interesting not too expensive food near the convention center. I know there are a lot of chains right there, but are there any other recommendations for both lunch and dinner?

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  1. A couple of new places I am fond of downtown are and Eva and J Wong's Asian Bistro. The former is small plates, Mediterranean style, quite inexpensive too. The latter serves up a mix of Chinese/Thai, in fairly upscale amabiance.

    Two great older places downtown in the inexpensive bracket are Red Rock Brewing co (pub grub). and Settebello for Neapolitan style pizza.


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    1. re: gringo_stu

      Good call, Stu, on Eva, a very reasonably priced small plates eatery. I think it's one of the best deals in SLC. Also heartily agree with your recommendations of Settebello and Red Rock Brewery. J Wong's is OK, but is not authentic Chinese OR Thai. They serve decent food, but it's nothing special. Imagine a local version of PF Chang.

      In addition to your suggestions, I'd add Squatters Brewpub, just around the corner from Settebello and Red Rock. Also consider Cindy Lee Cafe (Vietnamese) and the Atlantic Cafe (Eastern European/Mediterranean) for very inexpensive fare on Main Street. If your finances allow for a bigger splurge (say, in the $40-60 meal range), I highly recommend Takashi (superb sushi) and Cucina Toscana (sublime Italian).

      1. re: SheriffL

        My wife commented the same about J Wong's being very similar to PF Changs. I've never been myself, it being a chain. At any rate, regardless of authenticity, I still found my last meal there very reasonable and plenty tasty.

        Good call on Cindy Lee too! I always seem to forget about the place, as they keep the strangest random hours late afternoon and evenings