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May 14, 2009 07:51 AM

Staropramen Czech Beer

Anybody know if this is available in Alberta or BC? The Alberta liquor guide doesn't list it but i'm hoping some has snuck in somewhere either in Calgary or Vancouver!!

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  1. I don't see a listing on the BC Liquor Store's on-line inventory. Try Brewery Creek on Main St (Vancouver) - they have great selection of beers. (They don't have their inventory online however.)

    Brewery Creek Cold Beer & Wine Store
    3045 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T, CA

    1. Inbev owns the distribution rights (at least for now) so you might inquire with a Labatt's rep if no other hints pan out.
      Not that it helps you in your search but it is available in Ontario - and is even on sale.

      1. i don't recall seeing it at any liquor stores in Alberta, but you might want to try that new Czech cafe that opened up on MacLeod across from Chinook Mall, where the Mediterranean Grill used to be. The name alludes me, but I do know that they serve beer.

        1. Kawa Espresso Bar had an interesting selection of hard-to-find beers by the bottle, Maybe ask them.

          1. No, it doesn't appear to be listed in either province (yet).

            As cancowboy suggested, your best bet is to contact a Labatt's rep. Phone: (403) 777-1610 for one in Calgary.

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              Thanks all. I will try with Labatts, suprised it hasn't appeared out west yet - it's a popular enough beer back in Europe (and very nice too). I fancy a change from Litovel, Budvar & Urquell!!

              1. re: graemejw

                You might want to try Bottlescrew Bills in Calgary. On their main list, they have Czechvar, Litovel, Lobkowicz Baron, and Urquell. There are the Czech beers they constantly stock, but they do often bring in surprise beers, to see how they sell. They might be able to source some Staropramen for you, if you ask nicely.