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May 14, 2009 07:47 AM

Soba (Pittsburgh)

I gave Soba a second try last night after being unimpressed by one of their special occasion tasting menus. I'm glad I did. I had a morel mushroom and broad noodle stir fry with a soy butter sauce that was just perfect. Of course, I'm a huge sucker for morels so that's part of it, but the big rolled noodles were also tasty with a slick of light and flavorful sauce and a generous portion of asparagus. For the price point, I'm not sure I've had a better dining experience in Pittsburgh. The atmosphere and service makes it feel like a special night out, but the check was a steal.

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  1. Thanks for your post, Allisen. My husband is in Pittsburgh for 4 nights starting today and he Soba sounds like a good place for him. Is it far from the Westin Convention Center hotel?

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      It's not walkable. The express bus (EBA) has a stop quite close to the convention center and the Shadyside stop is just a three blocks from Soba. A taxi might be a bit pricey (not sure, I don't use them),

      There are other great places (some by the same restaurateur) closer to where he'll be: check out Eleven, Nine on Nine or Kaya.

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        Spacegyrl, Kaya is an excellent restaurant on the Strip District section, not too far from where your husband is (but not walkable, although I'm sure that a taxi wouldn't be very pricey). I have taken 3 first-time visitors from other large cities there and all reactions were favorable plus they all were surprised that Pittsburgh has a restaurant such as this (???).

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          Kaya is my favorite restaurant in that area

          It's not too far from the convention center, probably less than a mile, but not a comfortable walk at night. When I take people there from large cities who have never been to Pittsburgh before, their reaction is usually surprise that we have such a restaurant (???), and they have always been impressed by the food as well.

        2. Good for giving it a 2nd try. Soba has always been one of my favorite restaurants in the Burgh. The food and service are fantastic and you can go there for a special night, or just pop in to the bar for a quick meal. The prices are fairly reasonable for the quality, and I remember the early days when you could get the Pad Thai for $9!!

          1. Thanks for your suggestions, VictoriaL. He was not feeling well tonight and so wasn't that interested in eating but these posts are great. He doesn't need a lot of restaurants, just a few good ones so thanks for the helpful hints! (Life is too short to eat at a whole string of mediocre restaurants while one is travelling just because one doesn't know any better!)

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              (Life is too short to eat at a whole string of mediocre restaurants while one is travelling just because one doesn't know any better!)

              And that is why Chowhound is here! :D I hope that he is feeling better, had a successful trip to Pittsburgh, (and enjoyed a couple of good meals ( perhaps even one at Kaya?!?)